Green Gift Idea for Him: Timberland Earthkeepers Boots

My husband and I always try to one-up each other at Christmas time: Not with the cost of the gifts we give one another, but with whether we’ll be able to surprise each other. Hint: I usually win 😉 But don’t tell him I said that.

In all honesty, the man is a bit tough to shop for. There fortunately is not much we need (or at least not that we could put under the Christmas tree). So for Christmas, we tend to gift each other with things we want, but typically wouldn’t get for ourselves.

For my hubby, that means a brand new pair of Timberland boots. (aff)


We’ve both been wearing the brand since we were teenagers back in the Virgin Islands, where well-constructed boots designed for cold weather were a completely unnecessary fashion statement. But now that we live in a place where the temperature actually changes throughout the year, I’ve been wanting to give him a pair of Timberland’s eco-friendly Earthkeepers boots for years. I’ve had a couple of pairs, and they are still going strong as some of my favorite boots. They also have this collection of shoes for the water and outdoor activities which are really tough though they are not as comfortable as the other lines.

So when the company offered to send a pair for my hubby, I was thrilled! We’d finally get a chance to compare Earthkeepers and their regular boots, and bring my hubby over to the green side once and for all.


The entire Earthkeepers collection is made with Earth-friendly materials like organic cotton, recycled cotton and polyester, reclaimed and/or vegetable-tanned leather, and more. I love the fact that a company I have loved for years sees the value in offering options for their customers who lean green, but still want to be stylish.

So for Christmas, my hubby will open up a box under the tree to find Timberland’s Men’s Earthkeepers Heritage Rugged Waterproof Boot, and I will officially sit back with a smirk, because I got him.

And before you say it, I’ve been very careful about how I’ve blogged about this. He usually doesn’t check the blog unless I ask him to look at something, so I’m going to need your help. If we’re careful for the next few days, we should be in the clear. So shhhhh!

Are you buying green gifts for anyone on your list this year? If so, for whom, and what are you buying? Want to get more gift ideas for him?

Disclosure: Timberland sent me a pair of boots to review. As usual, all opinions are my own.

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