Useful Gift Idea: Breakfast Sandwich Maker

I can’t lie: Breakfast time at my house basically  boils down to every man for himself (and God for us all). On weekdays, my daughter gets up about an hour before my stepson, because her bus comes a lot earlier. Sometimes I make her breakfast, and sometimes she does, but he is responsible for his own meal. And my hubby and I sort of figure it out as we go. On weekends, sometimes one of us will get up and cook for everyone. But as a general rule, it’s a potluck. Which means that some days, I am tempted to head to the nearest fast food restaurant for a quick breakfast sandwich because I don’t feel like cooking.

So when I was introduced to the Hamilton Beach Breakfast Sandwich Maker on this review site  — and found out I was going to receive one — it was like a match made in heaven. A device that will make breakfast in 5 minutes and allow each person in the family to have exactly what he or she wants? That’s what I’m talking about!


I couldn’t wait to try it. And it really is as awesome as it sounds.

The premise is simple: Start with bread of some kind and top it however you’d like: With your choice of egg, meat, cheese, veggies, whatever.


The first sandwich I made was super simple: A whole wheat English muffin with some sliced turkey and an egg. The trick is that the machine has two compartments: One on the bottom for the bottom half of the bread and whatever you choose to top it with, and a section on top with a sliding bottom where the egg will cook, topped with the other half of your bread.


I followed the instructions for assembling the sandwich. Bread and turkey slices on the bottom, with an egg and bread on top. Of course, I was so focused on the instructions that I forgot essentials like salt and pepper. Nonetheless, 5 minutes later, I had a respectable sandwich, and my hubby enjoyed it.

Once I realized how easy it was to use, I got a little more ambitious. The second sandwich featured bread, cheese and turkey slices on the bottom, with an egg, beaten together with chopped onions, green peppers, salt and black pepper, along with bread on top.


How amazing does this look?


And wow, did it taste great! Seriously. Not greasy at all and about a million and a half times better than any breakfast sandwich I’ve ever gotten at McDonald’s.

Like I said, this is perfect for my family, because we all figure out what we want for breakfast when we want it and tend to eat at random times. These sandwiches take about 2 minutes to assemble and 5 minutes to cook, so even if you’re in a hurry, it will be ready for you when you’re walking out the door.

If you have someone on your holiday gift list who, like me, is a lazy cook, this gift will make their entire Christmas the second they use it. Really. It is available at and

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