30 Week Baby Bumpdate: Is It Really Almost Over?

I am a little late with this update, since I’ll technically be 31 weeks pregnant come Monday. But I’ve been trying to do these every 2 weeks, so here I am 🙂

I’ve finally reached the big 3-0, and I’m really in awe of the fact that means I only have 10 weeks of pregnancy left. It feels like this has gone by incredibly fast, and I’m promising myself that I’ll try to savor my last few weeks of being pregnant. That may be a bit difficult, given that November and December tend to be among the busiest months of the year for me, but I’m going to slow down as much as I can and take time to relish all of it.

I definitely feel very pregnant, and my belly pretty much speaks for itself, at this point:


It’s pretty clear that space is at a premium in there for my little lady, and sometimes it feels a lot like she’s just trying to get comfortable. She’ll do a full body wiggle at those times, and thankfully it’s more of a tickle than a painful sensation. However, she’s also made it clear that she doesn’t like it very much when I sit or lay in certain positions. Those times, I gasp out loud at the pain along my pelvic bone, and I’m pretty sure I’ve scared my husband more than a few times.

I just remind him that we’re almost at the finish line, so he’ll be able to stop babying me soon 🙂

Anyway, as much as the time feels short, we are making progress toward getting some things done. We’ve started the nursery. Today, in fact. The paint is on the walls, the rug is down, the crib is set up and the mattress is in it. I still have quite a to-do list in there, but I’m thankful that we’ve gotten started. We still have to:

  • Find a changing table
  • Find a rocker or glider (probably secondhand)
  • Paint a stencil on the central wall, a lot like this
  • Make 2 sets of paper poms to hang over the crib and my daughter’s bed
  • Find a narrow bookshelf
  • Mount the TV on the wall
  • Dress the crib and twin bed in gorgeous organic bedding (that we thankfully already have)

Check out the nursery plan over at Green Your Decor, in case you missed it. A couple of things have changed, but the overall plan is just about the same. I’m itching to get it done so I can reveal it, but I’ll reveal it a little at a time as I get things done. Subscribe to Green Your Decor if you want to follow along.

And wish me lots of luck that I can get everything done AND get a lot of sleep, because Lord knows, I’ll lose a lot of sleep once the baby is born. I need as much rest as I can get while I still can.

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