Gearing Up for Baby, Pt. 2: High Chair & Bouncer

Yesterday, I shared two of the four items Fisher Price sent for my review, via Walmart. Today, I’m sharing the other two pieces: The My Little Snugabear High Chair & Bouncer.

Snugabear Bouncer


A bouncer chair was yet another item my daughter loved when she was an infant. She’d sit in it and giggle herself into fits when I played the music and bounced her with my foot, and it kept her nicely occupied while I worked from home. With limited space in my current work area, this will be the best solution — other than babywearing — for keeping my new little one close to me when I have to work.

Its low profile takes up very little space, and it has all the features you’d expect, including music and other sounds, and vibration settings. The cute teddy bear motif from the other pieces is repeated here, and there’s a detachable mobile to keep baby’s attention.


This was the smallest of the four pieces I was given to review, and this one was probably the most difficult to put together, believe it or not. There weren’t very many pieces, but some of those pieces required aligning some holes just so before adding a special locking screw, and it took some doing to get everything aligned properly. Also, the hole in the front didn’t quite fit all the way around the control panel, as you can see in the first photo, but that’s not a big deal.

Still, I can’t wait too my little lady curled up comfortably inside this seat with a teddy bear behind her head. That will have to make for some super cute photos 🙂

Get it at for $54.88, plus a $20 eGift card (aff)

Snugabear High Chair


The last piece we received is the Snugabear high chair. I have fond memories of my daughter’s high chair exploits. It was where she learned to feed herself, and where she covered herself quite literally from head to toe with banana yogurt. I have the pictures to prove it, and we still get a laugh out of it all these years later. My point is that having the chair was a real necessity once she started eating baby food and solids. Still, I absolutely hated how much space it took up in our already tiny dining room.

This high chair is a definite space-saver. Instead of a full-sized chair that stands alone, this is a booster-style seat that is half the size and can attach securely to a dining chair via a strap on the bottom.

It came out of the box in four large pieces, so it was a breeze to put together. It took me about 5 minutes flat. The seat can sit completely upright or recline slightly, and the seat height can be changed to better accommodate both your baby and the height of your dining table.

And when your child gets older, you can remove the tray so they can sit at the dining table, and you can even remove the back so you can use it as a regular booster seat. Additionally, the seat cover can be removed for washing: an invaluable feature for an item that will no doubt see its share of spills and smears.

Finally, it feels really sturdy when attached to a dining chair. I was a bit worried that it would slide and move, but having tried it out, I’m not worried about it falling off. Plus, I’m overjoyed that I can stick it in a closet when we’re not using it.

Get it for $54.96 at (aff)

All in all, these four pieces — sleeper, swing, bouncer and high chair — have helped us tremendously with our plans to keep our new baby safe and occupied, and almost every piece is adjustable so it will grow with her, at least to a point. We sincerely can’t wait to use them!

DISCLOSURE: As a participant in the Walmart Moms Program, I’ve received product samples and compensation for my time and efforts in creating this post. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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