Smurfs 2 will Delight Your Kids — and You

Confession No. 1: I loved the Smurfs when I was a kid. Not the “watch it every time it was on and remember each episode by heart” kind of love, but the “amused by these little blue creatures who sang a cute song” love.

Confession No. 2: I did not like the first Smurfs movie. I just wasn’t amused by some of the characters and it was a lot cheesier than I remembered.

So when I visited Walmart headquarters in Bentonville earlier this summer and had the opportunity to preview a few scenes from Smurfs 2, I honestly didn’t have high hopes. But the few short clips that we got to see told me I might want to rethink this one. I’m really glad that I did.


This past weekend, my family and I got to attend the blue carpet premiere of Smurfs 2. Honestly, it was a fun movie with a much better story line than the first.

Briefly, the second Smurfs movie focuses on Smurfette and her background. I can remember always wondering why she was the only girl in Smurf village, and this movie helps to answer that question. It also gives us more insight into why Gargamel is always in such hot pursuit of Smurfs.


This time, he’s figured out a way to create Smurf-like creatures — who he calls the “Naughties.” There’s just one problem. They’re not blue, and therefore, he can’t exact any of the Smurfs’ magical blue essence from them. He comes up with a predictably diabolical plan to steal the secret formula to turn them blue and use their essence to rule the world.

Oh, and did I mention that Gargamel is a celebrity this time around? Yeah. There’s that.

Far fetched and ridiculous? Of course, but it was a really good time. I found myself laughing out loud throughout the movie, and my daughter has already asked if we can get it on DVD when it comes out.

It’s definitely most appropriate for younger kids and nostalgic parents like my husband and I, but tweens and teens might still enjoy it.

The Smurfs 2 will be released nationwide tomorrow, July 31, if you’d like to make a family outing of it. Plus, if you head to Walmart, you can pick up the Smurfs movie value pack, which includes The Smurfs DVD, a movie ticket to see The Smurfs 2, a pre-order of The Smurfs 2 on Blu-ray + DVD combo pack AND a chance to win a West Coast Customs Smurfs Dash Electric Vehicle.

DISCLOSURE: As a participant in the Walmart Moms Program, I’ve received compensation for my time and efforts in creating this post. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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