Review: Flips Audio Headphones are Also Speakers

I am in a family of music fanatics. My husband is a songwriter and musician, I am an avid music lover and closet singer, and my daughter seems to be following in both our footsteps. Which means that at any given moment, music can be heard blasting from at least one room of our home. This also means that there are headphones in almost every room, because we don’t always want to listen to the same things, along with a variety of docks and auxiliary speakers, because we sometimes want to share our music. I never considered the idea that one device could do both of those things.


Needless to say, when Walmart offered me the opportunity to try the new Flips Audio headphones, I jumped at the chance. They’re designed to work as headphones for personal listening, but speakers when the earpieces are flipped over. Allow me (or rather, my husband) to demonstrate:

These are PERFECT for him as a songwriter. He is often in his own world, listening to a track on his (other) headphones as he writes a new song. But inevitably, throughout the songwriting process, he unplugs the headphones so he can run his ideas by my daughter and I. And we all know that the iPhone speaker isn’t all that great at projecting on its own. He also spends a lot of time letting other people listen to music via his phone. If I had a dollar for every time I’ve seen 2-4 people huddling around him so they can all hear the weak speakers as they listen to a new track, I’d be a rich woman.

All of this means the Flips headphones are really ideal for us. First, my husband said they’re comfortable to wear and really comparable to studio-quality headphones, and that they do a good job of canceling other noise. Second, the clarity of the speakers is great, and they’re a lot more powerful than any of us expected. I also love the fact that there’s no button or switch to activate in order to make the transition. You literally just flip the headphones over.


The one caveat is that these headphones do have to be charged before you can use the speaker functionality, since speakers do require battery power. However, like almost every other device these days, it charges with a USB cable, which means it’s not difficult to find a place to charge it. We have a double USB charging adapter in the car, and I actually used my iPhone adapter to charge it for the first time.

Overall, we love these, so much that I’m putting them on my Christmas list for a couple of music loving friends and family members. They were initially available at only at Walmart, but are now available from other retailers as well. At $119.88, they’re an investment, but I honestly think they’re worth the price for what you’re getting. Did I mention the headphones can fold up and come in a fancy protective case you can use to store them? Plus, they’re still a whole heck of a lot less expensive that those Beats by Dre headphones everyone wants. And they’re a lot cooler and more functional, in my opinion.

DISCLOSURE: As a participant in the Walmart Moms Program, I’ve received product samples and compensation for my time and efforts in creating this post. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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  1. Hi! I was looking for reviews on these headphones because my son really wants them for his birthday. I have found so many conflicting reviews though! So, my search brought me to you and I was pleased with what you had to say…until you said the headphones are available *only* at Wal-Mart. This is not true, which makes me doubt the rest of your review (if, say, you are being paid in some way). Amazon, one of the *several* other places you can buy Flips has many positive reviews being labeled as “bought” by the Flips company and a Yahoo site had only negative reviews….just wondering if you can shed some light. I suppose, either way, we can return them if they are not what we hope for….

    1. Shannon,

      Thanks for taking the time to comment. At the time that I wrote the review, the headphones were available only at Walmart. They were released there first, then released to other retailers, where they are available now. Sorry for any confusion that may have caused, and I will update it to mention that they are now available elsewhere.

      My husband and I still use the headphones daily and truly do recommend them. We love them, and I hope your son enjoys them if you do get them.


    1. Ferdin, you are certainly entitled to your opinion. My husband uses his literally daily, and he still loves them. What specifically is your issue with the headphones? I’m genuinely curious, because our experience has been a great one.

    2. Replies like this are so transparent. A comment to indicate the product sucks and if you buy them you will regret it? No information to substantiate your claim. And as a user of this product, her husband found them to be a fantastic solution. And if you are saying not to buy them or we will regret it, then why doesn’t her husband regret it? Can you give your unbiased opinion with facts to offer some sort of substantiation?

      I despise some of the comments I come across in reviews sometimes. This one is yet another that I am certain is from someone with lack of knowledge and one not even competent enough to be objective and explain in detail his/her experience using this product. Face it, the man even posted a video to demonstrate the product and how he is using it. It works for him. And good for him. I like the idea and the product offers a good solution to a great many people.

      Obviously, not all products are suitable for all people. But you sir, do not have a shred of credibility even if you did try these and thought the suck. Maybe you are not able to see the usefulness because you need a stadium with 500.1 surround sound speakers so you can become immersed in a reality that will never exist in the real world of someone with good sense. I can face the facts, and I can see where high quality headphones may be liked by someone depending on how they sound. And to each his own. I like toast and jam. But she like bread and butter. But neither of us “REGRET IT” as you put it.

      Sorry to everyone for my post because i came here while searching for reviews on this headset/speaker product. The idea is just fantastic. And the only thing I do not see is a microphone. If it does not have one maybe this will be a deal breaker for a gamer or someone who needs a microphone for video chat or something like that. I just like that it can be used as a small set of speakers and then switch to more privacy on the fly. Such a great idea. Sound quality does not have to be like something from a professional recording studio but a decent sound would be good enough. I like this solution alot more than those portable bluetooth speakers I keep seeing for sale at many stores. There are much more versatile and look pretty cool as well.

      I will buy these. I will not regret it. And I am so sure they do not suck. Maybe someone bought these and had a bad experience, such as getting one that is defective, or maybe the vendor sold a pair that was damaged. So many people give a negative opinion about a product due to their buying experience and not based on their use of a fully functional item that worked out of the box when they first used them. I would not even ask this person why they do not like them. Obviously if it was something important for those who are seriously contemplating purchasing these, then some truthful and credible information would have been shared in the first place. I think we can tell who is objective. The one with the video, demonstrating the product, and showing how well they are working when they are utilized in the manner in which they were intended.

      Good luck to gentleman in the video. I hope I will enjoy these as much as you seem to be. I play guitar, record music, watch videos, do video chat, and my current speaker setup is a beat set of headphones with only the left side working. I am sure these will be more than satisfactory. If anything “SUCKS”, it would be my current headphones. And if there is anything I would regret, it’s NOT buying FLIPS, and trying to keep using my current headset with only the left ear working.

      Thanks for your review and video
      P.S. when someone said they would not trust your review because you said they are only available at walmart, I really thought that was nonsense. As if you were paid to do this review. More ridiculous assumptions. I read alot of reviews. And sometimes i just have to chime in because of the type of comments I see. There needs to be a better foundation to some of the information shared by some people. Can’t someone share their good experience and how much they like a product without the world trying to criticize you for it? If you do not like something, please do not try to get everyone to join your cause if you want to say a product is not good. Let people know your experience so they can be objective when making their own decision.

      I Appreciate What was share here about the FLIPS. Thank You Very Much

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