Getting Fresh Faced & Gorgeous for Less with Rimmel

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You may remember my last experiment with makeup here at Green & Gorgeous. It went pretty well, so that gave me some courage to keep trying new products and techniques. So when I was given the opportunity to shop for some great, affordable makeup by Rimmel and create a fresh-faced nude summer look, I jumped at the chance.

Nude is really my cup of tea, because I’ve never been a big fan of makeup that is super colorful or over-the-top. Maybe I’m playing it safe, but I have a feeling that if I ever try to go crazy with color, I’ll end up making myself look like Mimi from the Drew Carey show. Remember her? Yeah. Not a good look.

All of the products I used to create this look are available at Walmart for just $3.97. So you can literally purchase a full face of makeup for less than $20. Here’s what I grabbed:


First, the obligatory “before” photo:


I started with the Clean Finish Foundation. In store, it was a bit tough to match just the right color, so I opened it hoping for the best. Thankfully, the color was a great match for my skin tone, and the coverage was really nice. My skin was smooth and even, but it didn’t look caked on.


I moved on to my eyes, first lining them with the Scandaleyes Eyeliner. I bought two eye color palettes because I couldn’t decide which to choose. In the end, I decided to go with a slightly more dramatic eye since my lips would be nude, so I tried the purple palette, following the instructions on the back.


The colors read more brown than purple, so next time, I think I’ll try a more pigmented purple. Still, I was happy with the subtle look. If I were ever to wear eye makeup every day, it would probably look similar to this.

Finally, I finished with a great nude, glossy lip. Ta da!


For comparison sake, here are the before and after photos together:


Of course, my daughter was watching and decided she wanted to get in on the makeup fun too. I skipped the foundation and eyeliner for her, and used the more neutral eye shadow and nude gloss. She felt like a grownup, but didn’t look like one.


Get into those eyelashes, though! While mine are all but nonexistent, hers are long and luxurious. She’ll never need to wear mascara!

I sincerely did like these products, and for this price, I can definitely envision using them again. I like the idea of using products from a single makeup family because they’re more likely to play well together. But the next time I do a makeup review, I’m definitely going to be looking for an organic brand, because at the end of the day, I really like to avoid putting chemicals on my face — which is, in large part, why I don’t wear makeup more often.

Still, if I ever get in the habit of wearing makeup daily, this type of fresh, relatively nude look is what I would do. It looks like I tried, but not like I’m overdone, which is just my style.

Check out this digital magazine to get great makeup ideas for the summer from Rimmel London, and find the brand on Facebook and Instagram.

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