Outfit: Feeling Fancy with Mini Me


I’m Wearing: Forever 21 top (similar & similar))  |  Forever 21 pencil skirt (similar & similar)  |  ASOS tutu skirt  |  Thrifted BCBG flats  |  Vintage box purse (from my mama) | Kenneth Jay Lane necklace (similar & similar) | Thrifted earrings | Amrita Singh Lucille ring (aff)

She’s Wearing: Black tee  |  Sofistafunk skirt  |  Cherokee sandals from Target | Gifted earrings (aff)






For weeks, I’d been promising my daughter that we’d get dressed up for a fancy photo shoot. But I kept putting it off because we didn’t have “anywhere to go” where we could get dressed up. It finally dawned on me, though, that we don’t need a special occasion in order to dress up. Dressing up could itself be the occasion. So this past weekend, we got fancy, went to the park, took some pics, then went to a nice restaurant for dinner, just because. Plus, we were taking advantage of the fact that is was warm enough for short sleeves and bare legs.




She’s Wearing: Black tee  |  Sofistafunk skirt  |  Cherokee sandals from Target (aff)

A word about her skirt: Last year, my daughter completed more than two years chemotherapy for leukemia. When I posted on Facebook about my family’s joy, the wonderful Arlinda McIntosh of Sofistafunk offered to send my daughter one of her company’s gorgeous, sustainable silk skirts to celebrate. I was thrilled, and I am SO thankful to her offering such a beautiful gift to my princess. She gets a big kick out of the petticoat and loves twirling around the house in it.

My little warrior has come a long way, so we’re happy to celebrate that any way we can 🙂




I’m Wearing: Forever 21 top (similar & similar))  |  Forever 21 pencil skirt (similar & similar)  |  ASOS tutu skirt  |  Thrifted BCBG flats  |  Thrifted gold box purse | Kenneth Jay Lane necklace (similar & similar) | Thrifted earrings | Amrita Singh Lucille ring (aff)

We had a ball, and my daughter is really excited about participating in some of my outfit posts instead of just watching Daddy take the photos. I can’t wait to do more shoots with mini me!

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  1. You are both beautiful, and I am so glad that your daughter is healthy and a true fashionista now.
    I am sure you felt so proud.
    I am deeply touched.

    1. Thank you Joy! We’re going to be doing this a lot more often, and I know she won’t let me forget that promise…lol. There’s a link to my flats at the DSW website, and they’re really not that expensive, if you want them.

  2. What a praise! Thank God.
    You both look gorgeous…your hair takes the cake! Absolutely beautiful!
    I think your new blog layout is fantastic!

  3. I can NOT get over how much the two of you look alike, WOW! She truly is your clone. You both look beautiful in your pretty dresses. What a blessing that she’s finished her chemo. Prayers for her to stay healthy! Thanks for linking up.


    1. Thanks Allison! This little girl is a warrior, and all with very little complaint. She’s my inspiration every day. And if you think she looks like me, you should see her dad and brothers! She has my complexion, but her features are all Daddy, all the time…lol.

  4. Sooooo fab! Yay for your daughter for being a fighter. *fist bump*

    Also you had a reason: LIFE! Every day that we get up is cause to celebrate. I need to remember that more; thank you for the reminder.

    Enjoy life and be happy. Be blessed.

    1. Thank YOU for that wake up call! We went to Target, and I promise you, we had so many people look at us as if to say “Why are you so dressed up?” We’ve been so trained to think we need a reason. We’re definitely going to do this more often, because frankly, it made us feel good, and we had a great time 🙂

  5. you + mini me are fab! love your pieces from f21 and i swear i would rock your daughter’s look if it came in my size! beautiful mama + daughter team;)

    1. Lol…thanks Chandra! I told her I need to get a skirt like that in my size. Thankfully, Sofistafunk does make adult skirts and dresses, so I’m saving up for that investment 🙂

    1. Thank you Abby! We’re definitely working on it — me especially. Life gets so busy that I have to remind myself we have SO much to be thankful for!

  6. So glad I was able to come by today. This is such a sweet post for so many reasons. The two of you look lovely. God is good and I am glad she is better now. BTW- Those flats are cute! I have a pair with a similar look.

    1. Thank you Sarah! I swear, she was such a trooper through all of it when my husband or I probably would’ve been complaining the whole time. The only indication at all that she was sick was when she lost her hair. Otherwise, you never would have known that everything wasn’t perfect. She taught me so much throughout her treatment!

    1. Thanks for stopping by! You should let her be featured! My daughter loves helping me with DIY projects and being a model for them and being featured in my little videos. And I think it will be awesome to look back on all this years from now 🙂

  7. You totally rocked this outfit. I can’t imagine many people being able to pull off this look as well as you do. And I love how you coordinated your daughter’s look without being matchy matchy. XO!


    1. Thank you Elvy! I wasn’t sure I could pull off a tutu unless I was going to the ballet, but I was determined to try, and I loved it! I can’t wait to wear it again 🙂

  8. Your daughter is beautiful and what a warrior! You are so blessed for such a great family.
    On another note, I really like how you layered the tutu skirt over a pencil skirt, ingenius!

  9. You two look so beautiful together! She is just as photogenic as her mommy and looks very comfortable in front of the camera too. When I got to the end of your article, my eyes just filled up with tears of joy! That skirt has such wonderful meaning behind it for your daughter, and you and your husband. You would not look at her and know she had been sick 1 day. God is so good and I am thankful that you and your family have come through that storm. Have a wonderful Easter!

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