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Let’s be honest: Walmart isn’t exactly synonymous with fashion. I get it. It probably conjures up images of underwear, white t-shirts and loud patterns. Or at least it did for me.

But here’s the thing: Among all the things you’d never wear, there are some gems that are not just worth buying, but that can become genuine staples in your wardrobe, particularly because of the prices and quality. You just have to be willing to look.

Having seen some of what the apparel team had to offer during a trip to Walmart headquarters in Bentonville, AR, last year, I really wanted to see how those items would translate in store. Unfortunately, that is a bit of a problem. The gems get lost in the shuffle of basic items and what feels like too much stuff overall. Which means you have to go through more than a few racks to find those things that are either on trend or classic enough to work in your closet for years to come.

Still, once you find them? Totally worth the hunt. Check out these two outfits:

Look 1


DETAILS: No Boundaries belted lace peplum top | LEI patterned ankle jeans | George Ankle Booties | Gifted necklace & bracelet (aff)

It appears that, at least for now, the peplum trend is here to stay. I personally love it, because it’s so incredibly flattering on almost any woman’s body. In my experience though, with low-cost peplum, you usually get what you pay for. Not this time. This top cost only $10, but the fabric is soft with great stretch. There’s a lace panel on the back — which I forgot to take a picture of — that offers that little something extra to make the top feel like a statement rather than an accident.


The patterned ankle jeans are fabulously soft with great stretch so they fit like a glove. I’m never a fan of skinny jeans that are wide in the ankle. These taper nicely and the zippers at the ankle are another small detail that make them special.


In the winter, ankle jeans beg to be worn with ankle boots, and I was actually surprised that I was able to find a pair that I really liked. These George boots feature buckled straps and a heel that is just high enough to be fashionable, but not so high you’ll break your neck while wearing them. Armed with my favorite Dr. Scholl’s insoles, they were really comfortable.

These three items, paired with some higher end accessories, make for a look you could wear just about anywhere, and no one would guess you shopped at Walmart.

DETAILS: No Boundaries belted lace peplum top | LEI patterned ankle jeans | George Ankle Booties | Gifted necklace & bracelet (aff)

Look 2


DETAILS: Freeze tiger print tee | Faded Glory curvy fit jeans | Thrifted BCBG flats, chunky necklace & earrings (aff)

If you pay attention to celebrity fashion at all, you’ve probably seen those crazy expensive Givenchy shirts printed with various animals, including rottweilers, sharks and tigers. Casual, but stylish. Of course, who but celebrities has thousands of dollars to spend on a sweatshirt? When I found this top, I knew it would be a great “look for less” opportunity. I chose to wear it off the shoulder on one side with the sleeves rolled up to offset the length imbalance.


Now for the jeans. I wanted to save the best for last. These jeans are freaking awesome! I’m not overexaggerating. Most women will tell you that the hardest thing in the world to find is jeans that fit well — particularly in today’s fashion climate of lower than low cut waists. Walmart has put a lot of time and energy into making jeans that will fit any woman well. I bought a size 14(!!), average length, curvy fit, boot cut. The fit is so perfect, they feel custom made. Finding jeans to fit my waist and hips at the same time is always a challenge, and these do. Beautifully.


There were also longer lengths, petite, straight cut, skinny and more. In tons of combinations. And the price point? Just $15. Nothing short of amazing.

I do wish that Walmart did a better job of highlighting the jeans in particular with signage and mannequins, or at least photos of women in varying shapes and sizes wearing them. It would do a much better job of selling what I think is an awesome product, because most women would probably never think to shop for jeans at Walmart. Even if they did, they’d have a hard time finding them hidden on the back wall.


DETAILS: Freeze tiger print tee | Faded Glory curvy fit jeans | Thrifted BCBG flats, chunky necklace & earrings (aff)

The final verdict: While the in-store shopping experience did leave some things to be desired and it took a lot of picking up and trying on to find things that fit well, once I did find some pieces, I was really happy with what i had found. I spent less than $100 for two outfits and a pair of shoes. Plus, Walmart has a quality guarantee on all their apparel. If you’re not happy with the quality of any apparel item within 90 days of purchase, you can take it back — preferably with a receipt — no matter how much you’ve worn it.

Now, my next job is to work on getting Walmart to do a better job of highlighting the positive so that more women will realize what they can find if they take the chance.

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DISCLOSURE: As a participant in the Walmart Moms Program, I’ve received product samples and compensation for my time and efforts in creating this post. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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  1. I bought 3 pairs of jeans from Walmart total price for all 3…… $7.25. There was a pair (my favorite of the 3 for only $0.25). I bought them on clearance but they were a great find (Miley Cirus jeans). So now when I go into Walmart I make sure to check the sale racks 🙂

    1. Dang, Nancy! $0.25?! That makes my $15 jeans look like a fortune! Lol. I’ve seen the Miley Cyrus brand, but I always wondered how they’d fit, since they appear to be made for very slender teenagers with no hips. Now you’ve got me curious…

    1. Thanks Janelle! I love the jeans, but the tiger tee was my favorite item. I knew as soon as I saw it that I had to have it — and that doesn’t happen often at Walmart 🙂

  2. Hi, stopping by via the link up at Pleated Poppy.

    I totally agree with you that there are gems to be had at Walmart! Very chic looks you have here. I also recently scored the Leopard LEI jeans!!

    Great blog, I think I’ll browse a while. Have a happy Wednesday!!

    1. Thanks for reading, Shon! The LEI leopard jeans were the first thing I picked up, but they didn’t have my size. These polka dot ones were right next to them, and I’m glad I got these instead 🙂

  3. Walmart occasionally surprises me with what they have! I love the peplum top on you! Great blog! I found you from the Style Sessions!
    xo, Sarah

    1. Sarah, they surprise me sometimes too! The jeans were my best find yet though, because of the myriad fit options. I’m definitely going to get some more of those. I’ll check out your blog!

  4. these two looks are great, but the dotted jeans look is especially gorgeous! I agree: if you have good style, you can totally shop at discount stores and still look great. It’s good to be willing to enjoy them while you have them, though, because in my experience discount clothes don’t hold up well. Threads are always snagging loose!

    1. Olivia, you have a great point there. I’m going to have to see how well they hold up. I’ve had a pretty good experience with discount jeans holding up well, but the tops might get worn a little more easily. Still, there’s that Walmart 90-day money back guarantee. If they break down before then, I’ll definitely be taking advantage of that. Thanks for reading, and I’ll check out your blog!

  5. OK, so I’ve been a faithful Target fashion shopper, but you’ve got me seriously considering giving WalMart fashion a try. I don’t often get to WalMart because I have to drive out of my way to go there (amazing right? but my WalMart is not right down the street like it is for most…) but you’ve definitely convinced me to take a look the next time I’m on that side of town. The peplum top, patterned jeans, and ankle boots combo is my fave!!!

    1. Clara, Target is usually my first stop for fashion, too, but I was determined to see what I could find at Walmart. Some of it met my low expectations, but I was pleasantly surprised by what I WAS able to find. Now that I’ve found these two combos, I’ll start digging through the racks more often.

      Thanks for stopping by!

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