Peter Rabbit Organics Makes Great, Healthy Snacks

My daughter is a serial snacker. But what 7-year-old kid isn’t, right? The problem is keeping her away from junky snacks and keeping her eating healthier options. We keep fruit in the house and let her eat them whenever she wants, but sometimes, she just wants something that doesn’t “feel” like fruit.

Enter Peter Rabbit Organics.


These natural snacks, available at Walmart, are made for infants and older kids alike and contain fruit and veggies in sweet, tasty mixes. We received three flavors to try: peach & apple; sweet potato, corn & apple; and carrot, squash & apple.

The verdict? My daughter loves them! She tried the peach & apple flavor first and said it tasted a lot like applesauce. She did say, though, that she prefers the flavor and texture when the snacks are refrigerated, rather than room temperature. It didn’t make much of a difference to me, but I was happy to refrigerate them for her benefit. And best of all, there’s no added sugar.


I personally liked the sweet potato, corn & apple. The three flavors are balanced really well, and my daughter liked this one too. She didn’t like the carrot, squash & apple flavor quite as much, so if I were to buy them in the future, I’d probably choose the others.

She has to take a snack to school every day, and I can easily imagine buying these to freeze and put in her school bag. They’d be defrosted by snack time, but still cold, and the packaging will protect her bag from nasty spills.

My biggest criticisms? While the packaging is BPA-free, I wish it were also recyclable. Also, as a parent, if I saw these on the shelf, I’d think they were baby food and thus, never think to buy them for my 7-year-old. Perhaps it’s the word “puree” on some of the packaging. The phrase “100% pure fruit snack” was more appealing, but that obviously wouldn’t apply to every flavor. Maybe that problem could be avoided by placing it on the shelf with snacks for older kids, rather than in the baby food section.

Overall, though, we’d try these again, as some of the other flavors — particularly the fruit blends — look really appetizing. Mango, banana & orange, anyone?

DISCLOSURE: As a participant in the Walmart Moms Program, I’ve received product samples and compensation for my time and efforts in creating this post. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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