OOTD: Adventurous Combination

I’ve been really proud of myself lately. Why? Well, I’ve been stepping outside my comfort zone when it comes to fashion and beauty, and I’ve been doing things that I’ve always wanted to try, like wearing lipstick (gasp! But I never wear makeup) and wearing a man’s shirt. So this past weekend when I was going to the movies with my family, I decided to throw caution to the wind and wear what the heck I wanted.

I wanted to be stylish, but comfortable, and frankly, I just wanted to take a risk and wear a combination of things I never would’ve thought to wear together. And I wanted to wear this peplum dress one last time before it gets too cold.

I paired my dress with a long-sleeved denim shirt and some comfy sneakers and tied my week-old curls up in a colorful scarf. My hubby reminded me when I put this on that I was inadvertently wearing my high school uniform colors. And yes, in the Virgin Islands, public school students wear uniforms, including pleated skirts. I’m still laughing at the coincidence.

But you know what? I loved this outfit. I felt like a hipster (though I’m not sure if that’s a good thing), and I was completely comfortable and confident (always a good thing).


Denim button-down shirt: Ralph Lauren (similar) | Peplum dress: Green Envelope | Sneakers: Penguin | Purse: Juicy Couture | Ring: Street fair vendor | Spike Earrings: Instafashion.com (aff)

I think I’m starting to get the hang of this whole “dress for the day you want to have” thing. If you want to know what I’m talking about, check out all the other ladies who are dressing for the day they want to have (not for the day that’s trying to have them) with Dear AbbyLeigh, and link your own outfit post in the linky!

By jennae

Hi! I'm Jennae Petersen and I'm the eco diva who had the bright idea to share my journey toward green living with the blogosphere. Some of you may know me as the founder of Green Your Decor, my blog about eco-friendly home decor, as a Walmart Mom, from Twitter or from my organic cotton t-shirt line Differently Clothing. Stick around for a while!


  1. you are TOTALLY getting the hang of it and really inspiring me! i bought a peplum top on sale this week and have been fiddling with how to wear it! you have such confidence in this because it’s so you, i can see it.

    love your posts, j! thanks for championing the DFTD cause!

    1. Thanks Abby! You should seriously rock that peplum! It is universally flattering. I have a couple of peplum tops and dresses, and they are my faves. I need to find some with long sleeves so I can continue wearing them into the winter 🙂

      And trust me when I say I’m all in with DFTD, because it’s helped me get over my own tendency to just throw on frumpy, boring clothes because it’s easy and get excited again about how I put myself together. So thank YOU!

    1. Thanks Janelle! I’m still laughing at that coincidence! But I have to say, if my uniform had looked like this, I probably would’ve been a lot happier to wear it…lmao!

    1. Thanks Samantha! I am genuinely lucky when it comes to my skin, because I do nothing to it. I’m just starting to experiment with makeup, and I have NO idea what I’m doing!

    1. Hahahahaha! Arianne, that literally made me laugh out loud. I’ve never quite associated myself with the word “cool”, but I sincerely thank you for making me try it out! The confidence, though, is something I’m actively working on, so I’m glad it’s starting to show 😉

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