Salvation Army Thrifting Haul

I have donated items to the local Salvation Army thrift store on numerous occasions, and I’d shopped there before when looking for furniture. But I never took the time to go through their clothing department. I’d been missing out! For my budget of $50, I brought home a LOT of stuff, some of which was so awesome that I actually did some reselling.

It’s hard to see everything in that pic, so here’s a list, with prices:

  • Kenneth Cole striped blazer: $5 (50% off $9.99)
  • Sag Harbor blue wool blazer: $5 (50% off $9.99)
  • Black Worthington black blazer: $9.99
  • Chunky gold necklace: $5.99
  • Gap long-sleeved denim shirt: $3.99
  • Oscar by Oscar de La Renta silk shirt: $3.99
  • Ann Taylor jeans: $4.99
  • Talbots denim skirt: $4.99
  • Mossimo jeans, new with tags, to resell: $3.50 (50% off $6.99)
  • BIG SCORE: True Religion jeans, to resell: $4.99

TOTAL: $52.43

If you’re not familiar with True Religion jeans, here’s a brief description: They’re expensive. Very. Like $200 a pair brand new.

So to find a pair for just $5 meant I was going to buy it whether it was my size or not (it wasn’t, not was it the size of anyone I know). I inspected them carefully to make sure they were genuine and not cheap knockoffs, and then I took them to my favorite consignment store. I’m not sure yet how much they will sell for, but I can guarantee it will go for more than $5. It’s entirely possible that I’ll earn back the entire amount I spent on this thrifting jaunt.

I also resold the brand new Mossimo jeans to a different clothing resale store for $10 — a profit of $7.50. Which brings my total spent down to $44.93 — less than my original budget. I didn’t go thrifting with the specific intent to resell, but sometimes you just come across things that are worth trying to sell for a profit.

Other than those two items, I did get some other items I’d really wanted. As you can see, I went a little blazer crazy. But with the weather getting cooler, I really needed some jackets to help me extend my summer wardrobe, and I didn’t want to spend a whole lot on them. $19.99 for three quality blazers is a darn good score. My observation is that the blazer prices at Goodwill are a little better (around $5.95 on a regular day, and better with sales), but the quality available at this store was better. I just need to find an eco-friendly dry cleaner (actually wet cleaner) so I can have them laundered.

I’d also been looking for a long-sleeved denim shirt for long time. This one isn’t exactly what I was looking for, but I’m planning on doing something cool to it. It’s a men’s work shirt (I believe), and planning to add some studs to update it a bit and make it more feminine and fun.

My final favorite is the chunky necklace. I had the hardest time getting a good picture of it, so excuse the poor quality. They’re everywhere these days, and I really like the look. I’m learning every day how to best accessorize my outfits, so this was a great find to add to my collection, and I’m just looking for an excuse to wear it. Trust that you’ll be seeing it in an outfit post soon 🙂

So how did I do? What did you find on your last thrifting haul? Feel free to share a link to it in the comments!

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