Make Simple, Custom Jewelry for Mom’s Day

Lately, I’ve become a bit fashion obsessed — particularly vintage fashion — and with this obsession has come a newfound love of jewelry. Typically, this love would extend only as far as my ears, and the zillion pairs of earrings I have to fit any style, color or occasion. However, I’ve been trying to branch out a bit. I’m not quite going as far as gold teeth grillz, but did I recently buy this necklace:

Fancy, right?

I love the super long length and the fact that I technically still could wear earrings with it since the focal point is near my bosom and not my neck. But I have no desire to suddenly go out and purchase a bunch of long necklaces. Why, when I can just make some? With Mother’s Day coming, I thought this would be the perfect time to try out my necklace-making chops on some gifts for some special moms on my list (I won’t say who, just in case they’re reading).

Thanks to Walmart’s craft section, including a full jewelry aisle, I was able to do this really easily. And it only took about $13 worth of supplies to make two necklaces.

I bought two packs of 90″ silver chain and two pendants. Included with the chain were 8 ring loops and 4 necklace closures. As I mentioned, I wanted my necklaces to be really long. I also wanted to double the chain to make it nice and solid, like my store-bought necklace shown above.

I was too lazy to take “official” measurements, so I simply folded the necklace until I found a length I liked. Then I used needlenose pliers to cut off the excess, shown to the right in the image below. The idea of making one’s own jewellery might spark interest in you, and you might sometimes indulge in wishful thinking for making your own custom-made jewellery. Your wish can come true when you have companies like Jewelers Trade Shop – Designer & Custom Jewelry who manufacture them according to your specifications.

The next step was to attach a ring loop to each end of the necklace. Keep in mind that if you want your necklace doubled like mine, you’ll have to put it through 2 chain links on one end, then just find the center on the other end.

Finally, I attached the necklace closure to the loop. Done. In about 5 minutes. Really.

I just slipped a gorgeous pendant on the chain and bam! Instant fashionista! OK…maybe not instant, but pretty close. In fact, I made 2 necklaces within about 15 minutes, including a break to catch a news story on TV.

Now that’s what I call an easy gift. And noone has to know just how easy. Now if I can just get my husband to make me a couple of these for me for Mother’s Day, I’ll be set 🙂

Disclosure: I am a member of the Walmart Moms program. I was provided with compensation for my time and effort in sharing a Mother’s Day idea with you. Participation is voluntary and as usual, all opinions are my own.

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