A New Lorax Movie? Yes, Please!

Only Dr. Seuss could make a lasting lesson about green living simple enough for children to understand. The Lorax has long been among my favorite books to teach kids about environmentalism, and now, we’ll all be able to enjoy the story on the big screen. The makers of “Despicable Me,” also an awesome movie, have created the new Lorax movie.

Do you know the story? In a nutshell, it is the story of a greedy entrepreneur who, in his zeal to make “stuff”, robs a nearby forest of all its Truffula trees. He is repeatedly warned by the Lorax that continuing to cut down trees will have devastating effects, but he doesn’t listen. Predictably, the entrepreneur doesn’t admit what he is doing to the environment until there are no trees left, and he finally looks around and realizes that all the animals are gone and the landscape has turned into a sad, scarred remnant of what it once was.

Check out the trailer:

My daughter actually has the original Lorax movie on DVD, but it doesn’t have the glitz and sparkle of the Disney and Pixar movies she’s used to. Based on the trailer, I have high hopes that this one will keep her attention. Danny Devito is the voice of the Lorax, and Taylor Swift and Zac Efron give voice to two of the other main characters. I really can’t wait to take her to see this modern take on one of my favorite stories. It premieres on March 2, 2012, and I’ll be counting the days.


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