Eco-Friendly Stocking Stuffers for $25? It was Quite a Challenge!

I can proudly say that the vast majority of my Christmas shopping is done, with just a few more handmade gifts to finish for a few special people. I still need to head to the post office today, but that’s pretty good considering I’m often scrambling to get everything done at this time of year. Still, our stockings were looking just a little bit bare, with just a few very small items in each one.

Lucky for me, the folks at Walmart had a challenge up their sleeve that would help me fill them. Walmart challenged me to buy stocking stuffers for the whole family for just $25. I thought “easy enough” — forgetting two important facts.

  • There are 3 stockings to fill (the other 3 are for my stepsons, who won’t be with us this Christmas)
  • My added challenge would be to find products that are safe and eco-friendly

The challenge was admittedly harder than I thought it would be — not because there weren’t a lot of very inexpensive options at Walmart that I could’ve used to fill our stockings quickly. There were lots of those. But my goal was to shop with my eye on the bottom line, as well as shop my conscience.

In the end, my strategy was to buy ONLY products that would actually be useful or consumable (ie. snacks, etc.), and preferably ones that also had an environmental benefit. Here’s what I came home with:

  • 2 EcoTools bath poufs for my husband and I, made of recycled plastic: $2/ea.
  • An EcoTools personal care sample kit that I split between the three of us: $8
  • A 2-pack of playing cards: $2
  • Some sight word flash cards for my daughter, who is learning to read: $3
  • New toothbrushes for all of us: $6
  • 2 organic chocolate bars: $4

TOTAL: $25 (before tax)

I got creative with the chocolate to make it work for all three of us. I split each bar into three equal pieces, wrapped them in foil, then designed and printed my own paper wrappers. So instead of 2 full size chocolate bars, I wound up with 6 miniature ones. And we all get to taste both flavors 🙂

Would I say that our stockings are “full?” Not exactly, but I’d much rather have a stocking containing stuff I actually need and will use rather than one stuffed to the top with items I don’t need. So I still think we walked away in good shape.

What are you putting in your family members’ stockings this year?

Disclosure: I am a member of the Walmart Moms program. Walmart has provided me with compensation to share affordable holiday party ideas with you. Participation is voluntary and as usual, all opinions are my own. See what my fellow Walmart Moms brought home: Renee from Cutie Booty Cakes |  Jenn from Frugal Upstate |  Erika from Chic Shopper Chick

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