3…2…1, Launch! Check Out Differently, our Organic T-shirts

The past few weeks in the Petersen household have been busy, busy, busy! My husband and I have been been working on a venture that has been several years in the making. Today, my husband and I officially launched Differently Clothing, our new collection of organic cotton t-shirts.

Our designs will focus on a variety of themes, including, but not limited to:

We’ve chosen to sell our shirts through Skreened.com using print-on-demand. This means that you can select the style and color you want for each shirt.

You all already know that sustainability is a big deal for my family, so it’s only natural that my love for all things green would manifest itself in this venture as well. You can go also access the new site via the “SHOP” link in the Green & Gorgeous nav menu.

Since I write a “why it’s green” list for everything else I post, it’s only fair that I do it for myself too, huh?

Why It’s Green:

  • Since the shirts are printed only when someone places an order, there is no wasted inventory.
  • We’ve chosen to make our designs available only on organic cotton and recycled cotton tees. The only shirts that aren’t available in organic cotton are the youth tees, and we’ll opt for those instead as soon as they become available.
  • Most of the shirts are made my American Apparel in the U.S.
  • Skreened is a small printing company with values really similar to ours.

Price: $21.99-29.99

By jennae

Hi! I'm Jennae Petersen and I'm the eco diva who had the bright idea to share my journey toward green living with the blogosphere. Some of you may know me as the founder of Green Your Decor, my blog about eco-friendly home decor, as a Walmart Mom, from Twitter or from my organic cotton t-shirt line Differently Clothing. Stick around for a while!

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