Crystal Deodorant is Honestly the Best I’ve Tried

While living a more sustainable lifestyle is often at the forefront of my thoughts and guides a lot of the choices my family and I make, I admit that its easy to get complacent and feel like you’re doing enough. We still eat out more than I’d like, and I’ve resorted to buying clothing from stores like Target because I didn’t want to spend a lot. But one area where we never slip is in our personal care products. I’ll go for weeks using just oil on my skin after a bottle of lotion runs out because I won’t buy just any brand. The same goes with deodorant.

My husband and I have tried a variety of deodorant brands over the past few years trying to find something that is the right combination of natural and effective. As you can imagine, that involved quite a bit of trial and error. So thank goodness I work from home! The two brands that we’d come to rely on were Arm & Hammer Essentials Deodorant and Tom’s of Maine Long Lasting Deodorant. However, the both fell short in some way.

Arm & Hammer worked great, but contains some questionable ingredients. Tom’s was great in terms of ingredients, but didn’t work as well as I would’ve liked on Georgia’s hot summer days. Still, it wasn’t terrible, and it was the longest-lasting that I had tried. So when I got an opportunity to try Crystal Body Deodorant, I didn’t hesitate. At worst, I figured it wouldn’t work and I’d go back to Tom’s. At best, I’d finally find something that met my needs.


After having tried it for about a week, I can honestly say it is the best natural deodorant I’ve ever personally used. I admit I was skeptical, because liquid roll-on deodorants hadn’t worked very well for me in the past, even when I was a little girl and they contained all manner of chemicals. I needn’t have been worried.

Crystal goes on wet, but dries almost immediately, so it doesn’t feel runny or gross. I tried the Crystal Essence lavender and pomegranate scented versions, as well as an unscented version. The lavender & white tea and pomegranate are easily my favorites. The fragrances are mild at best, but lasting. They don’t overpower the senses, but even hours later, I could still smell the fragrance. That was the first surprise.

The second surprise was that it really, truly worked. It kept me drier than I expected. Even after a full day, part of which was spent outside in the heat, there was no noticeable odor under my arms. I couldn’t believe it!

Even more impressive is the ingredients list. Short and sweet:

  • Purified Water (Aqua)
  • Natural Mineral Salts (Potassium Alum)
  • Natural fragrance (made with lavender and white tea essential oils and extracts OR pomegranate essential oils and extracts)
  • Cellulose

That’s it.

It was unbelievable to me that a product with so few ingredients would work so well. But apparently, the key is the mineral salts. From their website:

Odor is caused by bacteria, which form on the body. Most deodorants on the market today merely mask that odor with unnecessary and unwanted chemicals. They “de-odorize” with the help of chemicals. Crystal™ deodorants, made of 100% all natural mineral salts, prevent odor from happening in the first place by neutralizing the bacteria. That’s why we believe our products are actually un-odorants, preventing odor, rather than deodorants which just cover it up.

Sounds logical to me, and it actually works, so who am I to argue?

I also love the fact that Crystal deodorants are endorsed by Cancer Treatment Centers, has received the safest possible rating in the Environmental Working Group’s Skin Deep database (ZERO), and it is not tested on animals. Plus, I can pick it up at CVS, literally a block away from my home. I can definitely say I’ll be switching brands for the foreseeable future. That is the best outcome I could have hoped for!

If you’d like to try it too, Crystal is having several promotions at CVS and through Sept. 30.

(review): I received this product to review. The opinions are my own.

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  1. I like the crystal deodorants but was trying to eliminate the packaging. The product that I have found is an all natural powder that works super and comes in a cardboard container. Made by a small company in Washington state, it is made from natural botanicals. Pit Powder for Women and Pit Stop for Men.

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