When Simple Shoes Go on Sale, I Take Notice


While it’s getting easier and easier to find organic cotton t-shirts or restyled vintage clothing, when it comes to shoes, sustainability can be hard to achieve. We can go for vegan looks, but those are usually made with toxic leather substitutes like vinyl. Simple Shoes is one of very few companies I can buy from without wondering what their shoes are made of and what their environmental record looks like.

So when Simple has a huge sale like this one, with some items as low as $4.90, I jump at the chance to buy the necessities.

Particular for my daughter, whose feet grow like weeds, I can’t really wrap my mind around paying a premium for shoes that probably won’t fit her in a few months. With clearance like this, I don’t have to sacrifice my green values just to save some money. The kids’ GT Janie in Nile green is on sale for just $8.90. And as you might imagine, my daughter does have some green in her closet (thanks to my love for Earth-themed t-shirts).


For myself, I’ve been looking for a pair of stylish, but comfortable red flats that can be dressed up or down. So I consider myself extremely lucky to have found the women’s Entire-Silk flats for just $14.90, on sale from $55. The peep toe makes this shoe cute enough to wear with a business casual outfit.

There are some affordable options for men too, so for less than $50, I can outfit the entire family with eco-friendly shoes I can feel good about buying. There’s even an eco-friendly laptop sleeve for just $4.90. Sounds like a great deal to me. I’m getting one for my HP DV2.

Why It’s Green:

  • Simple Shoes are made with sustainable materials like organic cotton, recycled rubber, hemp, recycled PET plastic bottles, wool, coconut husks and 100% post consumer paper pulp
  • Packaged in post-consumer recycled boxes or sustainable jute bags

Price: $4.90-69.90 on sale (majority cost $19.90 or less). Search for the word “sale” (aff)

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