1 Simple Shift: Switch to Reusable Batteries

1simpleshift-logoOn a regular basis (not exactly daily, but pretty close), I try to be conscious about making a change, however small, to make my life greener. Most of them are incredibly simple and literally just require shifting your point of view, and sometimes your spending, to more sustainable alternatives. Today, I’ll begin a series called “1 Simple Shift.” In it, I’ll offer tips about changes I’ve made (or that I’m still doing my best to make) or twice a week.

Today’s shift: Switch to reusable batteries.

Many people don’t realize that we’re not supposed to toss batteries in the trash. When we do and they wind up in the landfill, battery acid and other components can leach into and contaminate the soil. Battery recycling programs are tough to come by, which is why I have a ziploc bag full of old batteries that I refuse to throw away. About a year ago, we started buying rechargeable batteries whenever we found ourselves in need.  It started with one pack of double As, and now we have a set for all the battery powered devices we use on a regular basis, like our wireless mouse and keyboard, my daughter’s VTech Motion and a couple of other gadgets.

We also invested in a charger that could handle all these AAA and AA batteries. What this meant is that while we spent about $20 upfront for the batteries and charger, we haven’t had to buy any batteries at all in year. I don’t know for sure how much we’ve saved, but I’m willing to bet it’s more than $20.

Today, I got a package in the mail that reminded me of this simple shift. While at BlogHer, I attended the EnergizHer party. By the time I arrived, the swag bags were all gone, and the hosts were generous enough to send me one at home, which I received today. It contained a family size charger that can accommodate AA, AAA, C, D and even 9 volt batteries. It also contained 1 package of batteries in each of these sizes. Talk about swag you can actually use!  The Energizer charger is supposed to return a full charge within 3 hours, which is a GIANT step up from the 6+ hours it typically takes for our old Rayovac charger to complete it’s job. It also seems Energizer has really stepped up its commitment to promoting their rechargeable line, which is to be commended.

So make 1 Simple Shift. Start with a set of rechargeable batteries in the size you use most often.

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