Outfit: Comfy Fall Perfection with #PureJill

Fall fashion makes me happy. The warmth, the comfort, the layers — all of it makes me actually want to get up and get dressed every day. Which is saying a lot for someone who may or may not regularly work in her pajamas. The thing is, I often want to get dressed without having to… Continue reading Outfit: Comfy Fall Perfection with #PureJill

Thrifting Haul: Goodwill & Consignment

My biggest problem with thrifting? I am tempted to buy SO much! No matter where I shop, I always manage to find at least a couple of things that would work well in my closet. This time, I shopped at Goodwill and Alexis Suitcase, and I wasn’t disappointed. What I Found: INC lace shirt (new… Continue reading Thrifting Haul: Goodwill & Consignment