Review: BioTerra Herbs Supplements

When the New Year rolls around, so many of us start looking for ways to take better care of ourselves. We vow to eat healthier foods, lose weight, stop worrying so much…and the list goes on. My personal struggle at the moment is getting better sleep, which is challenging because of baby Juliza, who’s never… Continue reading Review: BioTerra Herbs Supplements

How Are You Preparing for Allergy Season?

As much as I love the spring — the newness, greenness and freshness of it all — I have to say I am not a fan of the return of allergy season. Funny, because noone in my immediate family has any serious allergies. Why, then, do I dread it so? Well, because I live in… Continue reading How Are You Preparing for Allergy Season?

#Cinchspiration Month 6 Video Update: I’ve Made It!

Six months ago, I started my weight loss journey with Cinchspiration with high hopes, but not really sure if I could believe the hype. Six months later, I feel like a new person inside and out, 45 pounds lighter, but more importantly, with a much stronger spirit and self-confidence through the roof! Take a look… Continue reading #Cinchspiration Month 6 Video Update: I’ve Made It!

#Cinchspiration Update & Weigh-In

It’s been three weeks since I started my Shaklee 180 weight loss journey, and I just wanted to let you all know how it’s been going. My plan is to check in with my weight and measurements every 2 weeks, but I’ve been so busy, I just haven’t had time to check in. Even though… Continue reading #Cinchspiration Update & Weigh-In

I’m a Shaklee #Cinchspiration Blogger!

Well, isn’t this an interesting turn of events. Over the last several months, I have been working really hard on body acceptance and learning to love myself as I am. I was tired of waiting until I am the “right” size and weight to start feeling good about myself. I think I’ve done a pretty… Continue reading I’m a Shaklee #Cinchspiration Blogger!

Fresh Start: It’s My ‘Home Gym’

Let me just be honest for a second. I’m not going to work out at a gym. Like ever. The idea of awkwardly attempting exercises in front of strangers while I drip with sweat does not appeal to me. This self-consciousness is, in part, why my membership at Curves a few years didn’t last very… Continue reading Fresh Start: It’s My ‘Home Gym’

My Fresh Start: This is the Year I’m Finally Going to Get in Shape

It’s finally happened. I’ve finally turned a corner in terms of my health and my desire to get in shape. This year is the year I’m finally going to make it happen. I’ve started and stopped dieting and exercising too many times to count. So why do I think this time will be different? Because… Continue reading My Fresh Start: This is the Year I’m Finally Going to Get in Shape