About Green & Gorgeous


My name is Jennae Petersen, and I am not perfect. In fact, I’m quite far from it. I’m a recovering shopaholic (with occasional relapses) who loves Starbucks’ Java Chip Frappuccino ice cream and who really has a weakness for beautiful purses and huge houses. I’m also a lover of all things green, and I make my living as a graphic designer, design blogger and freelance writer (I know…I wear a lot of hats) who focuses on sustainability, self-love and making the most of the life you’ve got.

In other words, I am a woman — a mother — who is keenly aware of the impact my actions have on my environment, yet still trying to change old habits that have carried over from my life before I knew better. I’m here to share my experience, my sense of style, my struggles and my victories, in hopes that I can prove to someone — even just one person — that living well is completely attainable, no matter where life may find you.

I am brutally honest, unintentionally funny, and occasionally controversial. But above all else, I am human being who’s just trying to figure out what organic produce I can afford to buy for my family and which consignment and thrift stores offer the best high-value scores. Green & Gorgeous is here to educate you, entertain you and provide you with everyday tips for making your life more beautiful, enjoyable and sustainable.

And because I’m sharing my life, with all its imperfections, this will sometimes mean writing about things that might not be so green, like video games or shopping for plus sized clothes in a world where “eco-friendly” and “plus-sized” apparently still do not go together very well. Above all else, I write about what I do to try to live the best life, and I hope that in doing so, I can inspire you to do the same.

Among the topics I’ll cover are: beauty, natural hair, health, family, fashion, food, transportation & travel, technology and more.

I am…

  • A green living expert and a respected authority on eco-friendly decor
  • A Walmart Mom
  • A member of the Green Moms Carnival
  • Chief blogger at Green Your Decor
  • Owner & chief designer of Hibiscus Creative, a full-service green graphic design firm
  • Art director & designer of organic t-shirt line, Differently Clothing
  • A graduate of Howard University with bachelor’s degree in journalism
  • Located in Metro Atlanta, but a native of St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands

Stay in touch

  • Contact me if you have questions or comments, if you’d like to submit a product or idea for consideration or if you’re interested in an interview. I am PR friendly, but only for those reps and companies that have actually taken the time to read this page, at the very least, to see what I’m all about.
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