Reasons to Send Your Child to an Eco-Friendly Private School

There are many reasons why you should consider sending your child to an eco-friendly private school. These institutions are environmental-friendly, emphasizing economic, social, and environmental sustainability. Your child is taught about the environment plus ways they can practice the knowledge learned, even beyond the classroom.

Discussed below are a few reasons to send your child to an eco-friendly private school.

The School Cares About the Environment and the World Your Child Will Grow Up In

These schools teach students how they can implement sustainability programs from wherever they are, making a positive impact on the environment. With about 25% of schools in the U.S. being private, as a parent, you can research which schools are eco-friendly near you and send your child there.

Some of these schools even grow their food and serve it for lunch or donate it to their local communities’ soup kitchens. Most practices done in such institutions are to preserve the environment, ensuring your children grow up attaching significant importance to their surroundings.

Your Child Will Excel in STEM Subjects

In these schools, your child will be taught how to develop practical and creative solutions to issues affecting their community and the world. The programs are taught to enable students to utilize 21st-century skills, including creativity, communication, collaboration, and innovation.

The schools have curriculums and activities aligning with STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) certifications that teachers use to prepare students for environment-friendly STEM careers. Through the integration of environmental-based learning, your child will feel motivated to participate in school projects based on STEM education, as they feel connected to their natural world.

Your Child’s Health and Well-Being Will Be Prioritized

An eco-friendly school offers a safe and supportive environment for the kids where sanitation and hygiene are emphasized. Not only that, but students get to practice a healthy lifestyle through physical activity and staying away from unhealthy practices. The air quality is excellent, which reduces the chances of kids with respiration issues falling sick.

Due to the emphasis on cleanliness and safety, hardly do students get ill due to something they ate or encountered in school. For instance, kids with poor oral hygiene are three times more likely to miss school because of dental pain. And while this is unfortunate, this is something that eco-friendly schools try to minimize by teaching students the importance of basic general hygiene from a young age. In addition, the food served is healthy, and facilities like bathrooms are clean.

The School Will Limit Their Waste Production and Save Water and Energy

Most initiatives in these schools are for the purpose of conserving energy, reducing waste, recycling to reduce landfills for trash, minimizing air pollution produced by cars, and increasing production of local food. Therefore, you will find the school serving locally produced food to reduce food miles and minimize pollution by vehicles. In addition, most schools benefit through teaching about the conservation of resources.

Your Family Will Live In an Eco-Friendly Community

These conservation practices that students learn eventually reflect at home, where you notice your child is keener on reducing wastage of resources and taking care of the environment. Imagine a situation where about 50% of the kids in the neighborhood are environmentally conscious. This is likely to be reflected in your area and community, which is also expected to attract more home buyers and cause the value of your homes to go up.

About 88% of home buyers approach a broker or a real estate agent when ready to buy a home. This is a number that has steadily been going up from 2001 when it was at 69%. And if you approach an agent, they will tell you that buyers are looking for clean and eco-friendly communities. Therefore, you can be sure that your child being in an eco-friendly school is likely to benefit the whole community.

With the above benefits for the child, the parent, and the community in general, a conversation on eco-friendly schools is definitely something you should be having with your kids and spouse.

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