How to Make Your Home Gym More Environmentally Friendly

As per a recent poll, 22% of men while a whopping 47% of women admitted to having gained more weight due to the restrictions of the pandemic. According to another study, the sales of home gym equipment have risen by 170% since the pandemic. These statistics show that more people are moving towards making use of home gym equipment. While this offers a lot of benefits to the people and their health, it is time we start thinking about the health of the environment.

The world we live in is moving towards more eco-friendly products and services. As people have started working out at home more and more, it’s important to implement environmentally friendly practices and products in your home gym. If you’re looking to create a home gym, here are some tips to get you started.

Buy Eco-friendly Mats, Towels, and Equipment

There are many companies that now offer workout and yoga mats that are produced from recycled materials. Many yoga instructors are trying to phase out the use of mats produced by PVC or polyvinyl chloride. The production of these mats from PVC produces a lot of harmful gas. Hence, it’s best to check the carbon footprint of the producer from who you are buying yoga mats, towels, and water bottles. Find bottles, glasses, and straws made with recycled materials.

Did you know that Invisalign has a 96% patient satisfaction rate? Advancements in technology like this allow for people to straighten their teeth from the comfort of their own homes. Similarly, your efforts to work out on a daily basis in your very own home gym can bring about much satisfaction. With eco-friendly practices in your home gym especially, you’ll feel satisfied knowing you’re getting yourself into better health while helping the environment at the same time.

Find Energy-Efficient Gym Technology

Manufacturers have created several eco-friendly pieces of gym equipment You can buy training equipment, such as ellipticals and bicycles, that produce energy based on the number of times the wheel turns. Energy-efficient gym technology will give you a great workout while keeping your energy bills low as you work out from home each day.

Invest In a Smart Thermostat

Instead of using the old manual thermostat in your home, invest in a smart thermostat. This will help you maintain the temperature of the house through your phone, as new thermostats are wi-fi enabled. It’s important to have a cool environment to work out in because you don’t want to overheat. Smart thermostats have less impact on the environment, as less gas is produced to maintain the heating or cooling of your home.

Purchase Eco-Friendly Cleaning Supplies

It’s also important to purchase eco-friendly cleaning supplies to clean your home gym. Using green supplies will ensure that the floor and the machines and other gym supplies are also cleaned with eco-friendly supplies.

Using eco-friendly cleaning supplies as you clean important appliances and systems in your home that affect the temperature and air quality within your home gym. You could save $5,000-$10,000 per year in energy costs by cleaning your heat exchanger on a regular basis. So, be sure to clean your heating and cooling systems in your home regularly with green cleaning supplies.

Cut the Use Of Plastic and Unnecessary Water

When it comes to washing your gym clothes and showering after a stellar workout, it’s important to cut the use of unnecessary water. You can do this by installing low-flow showers that ensure that a lot of water is not being wasted. You can also invest in using greywater, which is recycled water. You can use the greywater in the bathrooms or for laundry. You can also have outdoor rainwater collection mechanisms for use in laundry and for watering plants you may have decorating your home gym.

Don’t Forget to Lock Up Your New Home Gym

When you have invested a lot of money in setting up a new home gym, it’s best to make sure you lock up to ensure home invaders are unable to access your new home gym equipment. Home invasion crime in the state of Michigan carries a maximum penalty of 20 years in prison, and this is because invaders steal items worth thousands of dollars. You don’t want your new energy-efficient elliptical or treadmill to be next, so be sure you get new locks and even video surveillance cameras to ensure your home gym is safe from trouble.

An environmentally friendly home gym is a step in the right direction. As you set up your new home gym and look into the best equipment and supplies to purchase, consider these handy tips.

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