How to Start a Gardening Club In Your Community

Have you thought about starting a gardening club in your community but didn’t know where to begin? A gardening club is a great way to get to know your neighbors and others in your community. At the same time, you can also learn the gardening process and techniques for growing plants. You also get to join up with other enthusiasts and share your passion for gardening with like-minded individuals.

What Is a Community Garden Club?

The idea behind a community or neighborhood garden club is to bring together a group of people with a similar interest. Starting a garden club within your neighborhood is a great way to meet other members of the community who also care about the environment and wish to beautify your city or town.

The basic concept behind starting a garden club within your community is to bring the local residents together. A garden club creates a form of comradery between people sharing a similar love for shrubs, flowers, and other plants.

Draw Volunteers Through Social Media

About two-thirds of marketers cited Facebook as the most important social platform, making Facebook the ideal spot for people with like talents and interests to meet and corroborate their interests. Using a social media platform like Facebook is a great way to advertise your group. Outside of the internet, you can put up signs at a local diner, laundromat, library, and even daycare centers. If it is financially feasible, you can even run an ad in the local newspaper.

When you are initiating the start-up of a garden club, it is imperative to get people interested. Creating an interest in your garden club will take a lot of effort. Therefore, you need to start with family, friends, co-workers, and anyone who shares your love of plants and gardening.

Formulate the Launch Meeting

The most successful clubs have a core group of about three to five people in them. This core group helps plan meetings and creates the essential structure of the club. The first activity the core group does is set the date, time, and place for the group’s initial launch meeting.

Formulating a unique place to meet is an important part of the setup of a neighborhood garden club. Since the United States sees 15 million lawsuits filed each year, make sure you check with your town board or a city counselor to ensure your meeting space is lawful.

The launch meeting is not the place for the election or appointment of leadership. Instead, this meeting should be about ways to advance membership. Getting input from other members of the group is one way to do this. Other members of the club can let you know their ideas about what might be helpful and useful in making the club successful.

List the Goals of the Group

The launch meeting can also include a discussion about the goals the club hopes to achieve and the values the group will abide by. Setting the goals of your garden club is a way to also determine what the priorities are.

Is your garden club going to assist neighborhood charities with landscaping and improving the environment? Will your club act as a resource for aspiring gardeners in educating them about the art of gardening? Or, is the objective of your garden club to bring others who love to garden together and make new friends? Ensure to write down what the goals of your group are. Then, go over them at each meeting to keep the group focused on the overall mission of the club.

Design a Structure for Leadership

The next step is to designate who will lead the club. A club benefits by appointing leaders who are strong and capable of promoting the ideals and goals that were established by the entire group.

During the launch meeting, you can hand out questionnaires to the members before appointing or electing the leaders. These questionnaires will aid in formulating what interests the group. In addition, it will allow a way to identify which members are appealed to the idea of leading the group.

Consistently Explain the Benefits of Gardening to Preserve Membership

There are a plethora of benefits to being a member of a garden club, and it is important to repeatedly share the benefits of gardening itself with your club each time you meet. For example, gardening is great for your overall health. Since one billion colds are caught by Americans each year, being outside, staying active, getting some moderate exercise, and breathing in fresh air routinely is an excellent way to keep your health in tip-top shape.

Reminding the members of your gardening club of these benefits is a great way to retain membership and to get more people in your community involved and staying healthy.

If you’re interested in starting a gardening club in your community, start by looking through these steps and tips. Starting a gardening club is a great way to beautify your community in an eco-friendly and healthy way.

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