Zipcar Agreement

10.9 Conflicts . In the event of a conflict between this dispute settlement provision and any other dispute settlement provision in another agreement between you and Zipcar, the dispute settlement provision applies in this treaty. 4.3 Young Driver Fees. Given the high cost of providing on-demand vehicles for young drivers, youth under the age of 25 may be charged to measure for all bookings for drivers under the age of 25. For more information on these fees, visit the zipped support centre at In December 2009, Zipcar announced its participation in a financing round with Avancar, Spain`s largest on-demand car rental company based in Barcelona. Under the agreement, Zipcar acquired a minority stake in Avancar, a Zipcar executive joined Avancar`s board of directors and Zipcar was granted an annual option to increase the company`s stake. [41] Later in April 2010, Zipcar announced that it had taken over the London Streetcar carpool club. [42] In December 2010, Zipcar extended its option for an additional year until the end of 2011 and granted Avancar a monetary loan that can be converted into equity if Zipcar chooses to exercise the option. [43] On October 17, 2012, Zipcar announced the completion of Avancar`s integration. [4] On January 22, 2019, members of Zipcar (Avancar) were informed that the service would no longer be available from midnight on February 28, 2019. On Facebook and Instagram, the company cited a decision by Avis to suspend service in the Spanish city. Among the fleet of fuel-efficient vehicles and by an agreement between Honda and Zipcar, the program provides clean fuel and low-emission vehicles that include the Insight Hybrid, Civic Hybrid and Honda Fit EV all-electric.

Vehicles such as the Chevrolet Volt and Toyota Prius are also available. [18] 6.1 Unless required by law as principal or excessive, Zipcar`s liability protection to a third party is secondary and does not exceed any applicable insurance available to you or to another driver from another source, whether they have primary, supernumerary, secondary or quota insurance in any way. Such protection of third-party liability corresponds only to the minimum financial liability limits prescribed by the law of the jurisdiction in which the accident occurs. The limit of personal injury suffered by a person includes any right to the loss of that person`s consortium or services. When the law extends this liability protection to third parties to persons who are not authorized to drive the car under this agreement or to persons or bodies in which coverage is not to be granted by this agreement, the limits of financial responsibility of the jurisdiction in which the accident occurs apply. Zipcar, Inc. Attention: Legal Service 35 Thomson Place Boston, MA 02210 Email address only for legal remarks: CommuteWorks – Zipcar have teamed up to offer a sweet deal to MASCO members and LMA employees. Join Zipcar for only $35 for your first year. To get in, go to Once you are a Member of Zipcar, you have immediate access to a fleet of new cars that you can book for only an hour or as long as 7 days. Bookings can be made online or via the mobile app and can be used for both personal and professional use.

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