5 Simple, Natural Ways to Give Yourself a Glow-Up

Everyone loves to experience a good glow-up, but it can seem challenging to make a noticeable improvement in your appearance in a short amount of time. It’ll be a year before your exercise routine and healthy food choices make an impact on your body even if you can personally feel the change.

So how can you give yourself a noticeable glow-up in a shorter amount of time while still being kind to yourself and without introducing any bad chemicals to your body to “detox”? Here are five easy ways to give yourself that glow-up you’ve been looking for.

Drink more water

This might seem like a cop-out when it comes to giving yourself a glow-up, but really? It works. In the words of Pete Davidson in Tan France’s YouTube series Dressing Funny, “Apparently drinking Mountain Dew all day is not good for you.” Staying hydrated helps to keep your skin looking great from the inside out. What’s more, hydration also helps you feel better because it keeps your body in great working order.

Wear sunscreen

Speaking of skincare, sunscreen is crucial for more than just keeping wrinkles at bay. Sunscreen is vital for preventing sun damage and reducing your risk of skin cancer, which is the fifth most common cancer in the United States. Using an SPF 30 every day and a higher SPF for longer times outdoors will help to prevent sun damage. And remember, UV rays can cause serious harm whether your skin is dark or light.

Eat more apples

About 32% of people say they’re concerned by the look of their teeth. But it turns out an apple a day keeps the dentist away. You heard that right. Apples are considered a natural toothbrush and their fibrous texture helps to stimulate your gums, reduce bacteria, and increase the slow of saliva to fight back against cavities. Eating other fruit like strawberries can also help to naturally whiten your teeth for a brilliant smile without any chemicals.

Use olive oil for a natural hair mask

The average person loses about 100 strands of hair every day, but if stress is causing you to lose a little more hair than usual or your hair is losing its luster, you may want to try a hair mask. Fortunately, if you have some extra virgin olive oil in the cupboard, you’re already set and ready to go. The ancient Greeks used to use olive oil as a natural way to enhance their locks and this natural substance still works today. Just add a little olive oil to the parts of your hair that are a little dry and wait 15 to 20 minutes before rinsing the oil out.

Season your vegetables

Vegetables contain a lot of vital vitamins and nutrients we need to stay happy and healthy. But did you know that you’re actually less likely to absorb those nutrients if what you’re eating doesn’t taste good? According to a study on nutrient absorption, people who enjoy the healthy food they’re eating absorb 50% more of the nutrients in that food than those who don’t.

That said, if you’re trying to eat healthy but you’re putting yourself through the misery of eating unseasoned, steamed vegetables, do yourself a favor and learn how to season your veggies with more than just salt and pepper. Not only will you enjoy your vegetables more, but your body will absorb more nutrients to give you that glow-up you’ve been looking for.

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