4 Practical Tips To Get Your Home Ready For Fall

The summer heat is fading fast, and soon you’ll be crunching leaves under your feet and enjoying a hot drink indoors where it’s warm and cozy. But the end of summer isn’t just about the trees changing color and the kids going back to school.

The end of summer also means there are a few things that need to get done around the house. About 80% of homeowners mow their lawns weekly or bi-weekly, but your landscaping needs may change quickly with the seasons. These four tips will help you make the most of the changing weather so you can be ready once fall arrives.

Inspect, clean, and repair your roof and gutters

Your home needs a lot of TLC before winter comes and the end of summer is one of the best times to give it. Your roof ought to be inspected once or twice a year, and your gutter system ought to be cleaned twice a year.

A clean gutter system keeps water from collecting on your roof and along your siding, which can cause water damage, flooding, and mold. A working roof helps to keep your home safe and dry throughout the year.

Inspect and repair your siding if necessary

There are up to 15 different types of siding. Your siding may not need the special attention that your roof and gutter system needs, but it’s good to inspect your siding just to be on the safe side.

Cedar siding needs to be repainted or stained at least once every five years. If you have vinyl siding, give it a good wash with your garden hose to keep it clear of dust and dirt.

If you have fiber cement siding, make sure to re-caulk the material every year to keep it free of any gaps. Homeowners insurance may provide financial protection against natural disasters, but you’ll need home maintenance insurance for other types of home-related issues.

Invest in a programmable thermostat

A programmable thermostat is one of the best ways you can reduce your energy bill and your carbon footprint all in one. Programmable thermostats make it so you have more control over your home’s temperature.

If you already have a programmable thermostat, check your temperature settings. You can set your thermostat to lower the temperature automatically at night and when you’re away from home so you’re not paying for more than you need to.

Check for drafts

Leaks and drafts from your windows and doors could be causing you to pay more for your utility bills every month. With fall fast approaching, now is a good time to look for drafts around your home or to have your house inspected by a professional.

Nearly two-thirds of homeowners say they’re planning on renovating, according to a recent survey. Once you’ve identified the areas around your home where the drafts are coming from, you can prioritize your projects. For instance, you want to focus on insulating your attic first and then your basement and crawl spaces.

Summer is nearly over, which means now is one of the best times to get your home ready to take on the cooler weather. By following the tips above, you can reduce your utility bills and ensure your home is safe from water damage.

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