How Hemp Can Be the Answer to a Sustainable Future

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Everyone is concerned with where the world is going to end up from an environmental standpoint, and how the actions of human beings are negatively impactful. Many people have taken up earth-friendly initiatives and have begun finding ways to better the planet.

One way, in particular, has been to use hemp to create products that are eco-friendly and sustainable, creating a greener path for the human race. There are many uses for hemp, and since it is a natural product, all are earth-friendly.

Here are just a few ways that hemp can be used for green living.

Potential Biofuel

Long past are the days of vegetable oil-based fuel; here comes the future of biofuel with hemp. Hemp biofuel can be turned into diesel with relative ease, and it burns at a much more efficient temperature and rate, making it a viable source of renewable energy. It might not be widely available yet, but with more awareness and support, it could be the next breakthrough that could save the planet.

Prevent Deforestation

One of the biggest problems facing humanity and the planet as a whole is the startling rate at which the forests are disappearing. With an incredibly high dependence on products that derive from trees, deforestation has become a significant issue. The answer? Hemp. Hemp provides a fast-growing alternative to wood and paper products, with one acre of hemp producing as much paper as four acres of trees.

Easier to Farm

Agricultural hemp is similar to bamboo and can reach heights of 10 to 15 feet before harvest, and it doesn’t require pesticides to fight off pests. The reduced use of pesticides would directly help eliminate pollution. Hemp crops also enrich the soil by removing toxins and improving the overall quality of the soil and doesn’t need much water to survive — which would cut down on water consumption as well. Since hemp helps the soil, it also makes it an ideal crop for farmers to rotate.

Food and Products

Besides being a sustainable crop, hemp can be used to create numerous different types of products, including food. Hemp seeds are extremely nutritious and provide significant health benefits. Hemp is naturally high in amino acids and essential fatty acids, which can be important to the world’s starving population. Hemp can also be used to make pet food, pet bedding, body oils and lotions, oil-based products, clothing, plastic alternatives, and more.

Hemp provides a way to live greener without compromising the luxuries and lifestyles people have become accustomed to. However, the possibilities for “going green” don’t end there. There are so many ways to adopt a green-living lifestyle.

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