3 Natural Pain Relievers Straight from Mother Nature Herself

Are you living with chronic pain? You aren’t alone. There are over 1.5 billion people living with chronic pain. Many people feel helpless with their pain, and many others feel prescribed painkillers are the only choice they have.

If you are wary of using painkillers, you are not alone. Pharmaceutical pain medications can be dangerous, and medical science is starting to realize this. Although painkillers may be appealing because they are often effective, there are other alternatives. If you are curious about the many natural alternatives to pill popping, look no further. Here are some safe and effective natural pain remedies that you should try.


Ginger is best known for its helpful digestive properties. Any symptom related to the digestive tract, like nausea or an upset stomach, can be relieved with the use of ginger. A study was actually published in the Journal of Pain that revealed daily ginger can reduce exercise-related pain by 25%. The easiest way to apply ginger as a pain reliever is through oral consumption. You can put it in sauces, teas, or even just eat a bit straight from the root!


Turmeric is also part of the ginger family. It is a bright yellow powder obtained from the rhizome plant. This powder, typically used to add a bit of color and spice to food, is actually an anti-inflammatory agent. If you can stop inflammation, you can reduce pain. Turmeric is also known to reduce arthritis pain because of these anti-inflammatory properties. If you want to try using turmeric as a pain reliever, make an effort to start adding it to stews, soups, and even teas! Taken orally, this helpful substance can actually aid in relieving pain throughout the entire body.


This natural remedy is found in hot chili peppers and temporarily desensitizes nerve receptors that cause pain responses. Capsaicin also diminishes soreness for three to five weeks while the pain receptors regain sensation. Most often used in the form of a cream or salve, a single 60-minute application of this remedy can reduce pain effectively in patients for up to 12 weeks.

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Taking pain medication is not your only option for pain relief. Take a trip to Mother Nature’s medicine cabinet and explore the many eco-friendly options. Ginger, turmeric, and capsaicin are some great options to start with, but there are many options at your disposal. Make sure to talk with your doctor before you start any new medical routines.

CBD products are also some good options to traditional medication. CBD has become very popular in recent years after becoming fully legal in the USA and some other countries. So, you can also consider taking CBD products for chronic pain relief. Also check out Swell CBD for CBD oil and products that can be used to treat dogs, as your pet also deserves to get necessary pain relief.

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