3 Tips For An Affordable And Eco-Friendly Wedding

When it comes to tying the knot, more and more couples have been doing their best to incorporate eco-friendly and sustainable solutions into their decor and activities. However, many people are still under the impression that eco-friendliness and affordability simply don’t mix, but that couldn’t be further from the truth! There are plenty of ways to make your dream wedding come to life while keeping Mother Nature — and your wallet — in mind. This also applies to music band. Check out Wedding Music Bands for more info on the best music band that you can have at your wedding reception for reasonable fee.

Here are just a few ways to include some eco-friendly and affordable elements into your big day.

Go Paperless

This is one of the easiest and most effective ways to cut down on wedding waste. Save-the-dates can easily be transformed into eye-catching emails that will yield just as much excitement and anticipation as traditional letters. Another common trend is for couples to make their own free website to advertise not only the details of their wedding, but their registry too. Finally, if you do choose to send out paper invitations, consider directing guests to RSVP and fill out their food options online instead of including a card to mail back. It may not seem like much, but considering the fact that 27% of Americans have no savings at all, even small steps can make a big difference in the financial and environmental costs of your wedding.

Consider An Outdoor Venue

About 35% of weddings are now outdoor occasions, and for good reason — the outdoor ambience adds something that even the best indoor venue just can’t. Ok, you may want to check out Vogue Ballroom, it is gorgeous. But choosing an outdoor venue cuts down on electricity costs, since sunlight is always free. Not to mention, the photo ops that result make a beautiful keepsake, and knowing your wedding pictures won’t look generic is even better. Rustic wedding venue is one of the most popular wedding reception venues.

Cater With Care

When discussing your catering needs, don’t automatically dismiss the idea of sourcing locally. In fact, it’s probably cheaper than you think. The Knot explains, “The farm-to-table movement is in full swing, meaning it’s more accessible than ever to source healthy, earth-friendly food. When you’re budgeting, keep in mind that organic foods may cost more, but asking your caterer to source from in-season, locally-grown products will help keep the cost down and guarantee the freshest finds.” Plus, you can inquire about sourcing your cake from a baker in your neighborhood to maintain as much freshness as possible. Foods purchased from farms tend to stay fresher longer without packaging. Plus, not as much gas will be needed to transport it.

Ultimately, keeping these eco- and budget friendly tips in mind during your wedding planning process can help you incorporate sustainable practices without costing a fortune.

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