3 Fall Lawn Care Tips For American Homeowners

Taking care your lawn can not only improve your home’s curb-appeal, it can also be a great investment if you’re planning on selling in the near future. The yard is certainly considered one of the cornerstones of American home living, with 83% of Americans thinking to have one is important and 90% of those with one believing that keeping it maintained is also important. However, it is not always easy to know how to take care of a lawn, especially as the seasons change.

As fall comes upon us, it is important to know just how to keep the cornerstone of your home well-maintained. For that reason, we’ve compiled a list of tips for homeowners to keep their laws healthy as the temperatures lower.

Keep Mowing, But Lower The Blades

Homeowners should continue to water and mow the lawn as needed throughout the fall, but as the season draws to an end, lower the blades. They should be lowered to the lowest setting for the last two cuttings of the year, that will allow sunlight to reach the “crown” of the grass and prevent browning during the winter.

“I kind of let the turf tell me when it’s time to stop mowing,” David Frank, an MSU AgBioResearch scientist, told MLive.com. “As air temperatures cool, you’ll eventually get to the point where the turf just isn’t growing.”

Try not to trim off more than one-third of the grass blades at any single time. Gradually lowering the cutting height approaching the last to mowings can be a good idea. In this regard, you could hire gardeners Brisbane to help you out with mowing.

Continue to Fertilize

Many lawn care experts and many a tree company are in agreement: if a homeowner is going to pick one season to fertilize their lawn, they should do it in the fall. The reason is that the grass grows more slowly as the weather cools, but the plants under the soil still need nutrients. Fertilizer will keep them healthy and ready to grow once the next spring starts. Not sure why you should fertilize? Some of the biggest benefits include:

  • Bare foot-worthy grass
  • Better growth all year round
  • Fewer problem areas
  • Less money spent on weed control
  • Better environment for wildlife

Fill In Bald Spots

The fall is a good time of the year to fix any bare or bald spots in the lawn. While they’re not necessarily a major issue, they can be pretty unsightly. Most garden centers will offer an “all-in-one” lawn care or repair mixture, which has grass seeds and a lawn fertilizer mixed in. Often with an organic mulch, too. Spread a thick layer of this mixture over the balding area, compact it down, then water it thoroughly every other day for a week or two. If you want to prevent those bald spots from coming back in the spring, you should start caring for them well before the first frost. You can check out ProGardenTips steep hill mowers reviews and get some ideas to create a perfect lawn.  Magnolia Trees can be a great addition to your lawn and another way to take care of these spots. Tree Center has some beautifully flowering Magnolia Trees for sale.

So homeowners everywhere should start looking at their lawns and seeing if they need to put a little fall-effort into it. The best season for lawn care is coming, and you, like many other homeowners, should get ready!

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