Review: I’m a WaterWipes Convert

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In my family, baby wipes are the Holy Grail. We use them for everything from cleaning up spills in the car to wiping down the stove and cleaning the screens of our devices. Of course, we also have a baby in the house, and we use them pretty regularly for her too. As such, I’m not a fan of most wipes, because we’re never really sure what’s in them. So when I got an opportunity to try WaterWipes, I was more than a little intrigued.


As the name implies, WaterWipes contain mostly water. In fact, they are made using just two, chemical-free ingredients: 99.9% pure Irish water and 0.1% grapefruit seed extract. That’s it. Really.

I can get behind a product that contains just two ingredients, one of which is water — particularly if I’m going to be using it for my baby. The truth is that I’m always wary of using wipes to clean my daughter’s face, because her skin is super sensitive and we’ve had to deal with breakouts before. In this case, I felt confident that I could use them to wipe the yogurt and crumbs and milk and other random stuff that ends up all over her face without causing any irritation.


Because in addition to being pure and chemical-free, they are also super, super soft. Like baby’s bottom soft. Which is helpful, since they’re intended to be used on my baby’s bottom.


Let me share a quick fact about myself: I tend to be extremely brand loyal. Once I find something that I like, I buy it over and over and over again. My shopping lists tend to look the same every time. So it is no small matter to say that I am now a WaterWipes convert. I love the fact that they contain two simple ingredients, and we’ll be using them from now on.

This photo of Juliza pretty much sums up how we feel about them.


You can find WaterWipes at your local Walgreens or at At our store, we found them in the baby aisle, and we got the last two packs on the shelf. We’ll definitely have to stock up next time we’re there.

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