An Easy Pool Solution When You Have None


There’s not much I miss about apartment living, but there is one very important thing that my family misses tremendously when Georgia spring turns into oppressive Georgia summer: The swimming pool. We used the pool in our apartment complex regularly, because all of us love the water. These days, when we want to go swimming, we have to trek to the city pool and pay to get in. That’s just not something we’re going to do very often.

So when Walmart challenged me to share how my family and I spend time together in the summer, I knew I wanted to share our inexpensive pool solution for days when we really just want to cool off and play in the water. Walmart has all manner of pools that are easy to set up at home. Inflatable ones. Ones with hard sides. Ones with soft sides. Quickset pools.


We thought about getting a large one that my hubby and I would be able to enjoy with the kids, and maybe actually swim instead of just taking a dip or wading, but as it turns out, we can’t do that. Our backyard doesn’t have a fence, and it wouldn’t be safe to have a permanent (or even semi-permanent) pool without a hard cover, lest any neighborhood kids or pets find their way to it when we aren’t watching. These guys are always like this!

Instead, we chose a smaller scale pool that we can set up when we want to use it, and put away when we’re done.

Small as the box looks, this is a pretty big pool. 8 feet in diameter and 18″ deep, to be precise. So big, in fact, that it took a full hour to fill it up with a garden hose.


Of course, after using all that water, we had to leave it up for the whole weekend. This required scooping out some bugs in the morning, but it was totally worth it to watch our kids have hours of fun while the hubby manned the grill and I played DJ.





And later, the hubby and I got to take a dip alone when the kids took naps after spending the whole day in the sun. It’s also great for getting them good and tired.

All of that said, we probably won’t be setting it up every weekend, because it does require a lot of water, but it’s a nice way to have some fun in the water without having to pay an entry fee or share it with dozens of strangers.

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What about you? How do you cool off when it’s ridiculously hot outside?

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