Kid Style: Stay Cool for Memorial Day

Memorial Day is regarded as the “official” start of summer, and lots of families take advantage of the occasion with cookouts or trips to the beach or pool. Our Memorial Day celebration is a bit different: Every year (except last year, because toddler), we spend the whole weekend celebrating Atlanta’s Caribbean Carnival. There are parades, concerts, picnics and parties, and there is usually a nonstop rush of stuff to do.

As such, our Memorial Day outfit planning has to account for the fact that we want to be cute, but need to be comfortable. This is especially true for Juliza. We’ll spend pretty much all day Saturday and Sunday outdoors, so anything she wears needs to be cool. And though we’ll have both a stroller and my favorite structured baby carrier on hand, I know she’ll spend a lot of time running around, so her clothes need to be comfortable enough to allow that.

When Walmart challenged me to find some Memorial Day outfits for her, I headed to my local store with these things in mind. And we managed to walk away with two outfits that are both super cute and comfy enough for a hot, busy weekend.

Look 1: Garanimals Separates





If I’m 100% honest, I usually stay away from the Garanimals table. I’m usually not a fan of the colors, prints and patterns available, and sometimes, the fit can be off. But on this trip, these polka dot shorts caught my eye on the separate table. For one thing, they were only $4.88, but I’m also a sucker for monochromatic black and white outfits for Juliza, because it’s always easy to complete the outfit with shoes and accessories she already owns. I found a great lace tank top to go with it, also for $4.88, and decided I’d actually take the chance and let her wear a white shirt. Pray for us.





I got these gladiator sandals from Zulily a few weeks ago, and they’ve become fast favorites for both of us. She loves shoes, and she can run around in these comfortably, but I can always switch them out for sneakers if she starts to complain. We added a fabulous handmade, reversible headwrap that just happened to have polka dots on one side, and the look was complete.

Seriously, I’m starting to get jealous of the fact that her mirrored wardrobes and shoe game are SO much better than mine!

Look 2: Healthtex Outfit





For the second look, I headed to the racks to find a pre-coordinated outfit. In this case, we were able to get the top, shorts AND flip flops for just $8.98 (and it’s just $7.50 at It’s highly unlikely I’ll let her wear the flip flops while we’re out and about away from home, but she loves wearing them when we go play outside, and I so appreciate the fact that they come with straps, so they actually stay on her feet.





The slippers from the last Healthtex outfit we got at Walmart have already gotten a ton of use, and I know these will get lots of use too. The outfit is almost worth the price for that alone. But the colors and patterns are fabulous too.

I wish I could say that my own Memorial Day outfits are planned and ready to go, but that’s not the case. But that’s OK. At least Juliza is taken care of, and I know she’ll be fly.


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