Get Your Batman v. Superman Fix at Walmart

I’ve never been much of a comic fan, but like most other people, I get into the stories when they’re brought to the big screen (or the small screen via TV shows). My husband is the same way, and his latest interest is the new Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice. He is almost annoyingly excited about it and tells me how badly he wants to see it every single time we see a commercial.


If you — or anyone else in your household — are excited as he is, you’ll be happy to know that you can get your fix of Batman v. Superman merchandise at Walmart. There’s something for every fan.


You can head to and choose your hero: Batman or Superman. (Personally, I’m on team Batman. I want to see the guy without the super powers win) You can play games to win votes and digital prizes that you can download right away. Then you can shop all the Batman and Superman products.

If you’d prefer to head to your local Walmart, there’s lots in store there for you too. You can grab a costume for your little one to dress up as their fave:


You can find other Batman and Superman shows and movies to keep you entertained in the meantime.


Or, you could grab a 3-foot tall figurine and put it in front of your house to let everyone know what team you’re on. OK. Maybe not that, but I’m sure the superfan in your house would love to have this huge reminder of the superhero in all of us.


If apparel is more your speed, you can find adult and kids’ character tees for $8.96 and $7.97 respectively. I’m going to grab one for my husband. As if he needed another reason to be excited.

So what you about? Will you be watching Batman v. Superman?


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