Date Night Makeup Look: Smokey Eye Attempt

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You may have noticed that the vast majority of the photos I post of myself here and elsewhere on the web are bare-faced. This is not by accident. I am not a makeup person. It’s just not something I wear on a regular basis. With the exception of lipstick, I can count on both hands the number of time I’ve worn makeup in the last 5 years. So when Walmart asked me to share a date night makeup look, I admit I was worried. Thankfully, we live in the age of YouTube, and you can find a tutorial for anything.

First, the obligatory “before” photo:


This time, I was asked to work with Flower cosmetics. I’ve used their products before, but I never really tried to do anything glamorous. Just the basics. This time, I decided that not only would I put on a full face of makeup — I’d attempt something dramatic: A smokey eye.


I started with the following products:

I also used some makeup I already had on hand: an eyeshadow palette, black mineral eyeshadow and matte lipstick and iridescent gloss. I just said I don’t wear makeup, right? Well, thanks to years of blogging, I have a robust makeup collection that I never use. I know. It’s ridiculous.

I started with the liquid foundation, because I have some blemishes and redness that I wanted to cover up. One of these days, I’ll learn all about contouring and making my nose and cheekbones pop. This time though, I just applied a light layer of liquid foundation, followed by a dusting of the powder foundation to better match my skin tone and give my skin a shimmery, bronzed finish. I honestly should have gone a shade or two darker on the liquid foundation.


The different isn’t drastic, but it covered up what I wanted to cover up.

This is when I stepped out of my element and attempted to create a smokey eye. I’m not even going to attempt to give you a tutorial of my own, because I had to follow someone else’s. So here’s the video I used, which is relatively easy to follow.

I didn’t have all the products on hand, but I had some good substitutes. For example, I used a tiny bit of the tinted moisturizer in place of primer, and I just used the brushes I had. My favorite part of this, though, was the Flower creme eyeshadow. I used mineral shadow for the black at the bottom of my lids, but I used the bronze creme eyeshadow for my upper lids and blending. Let me tell you — this stuff applies like a dream. It is smooth and silky, and I had no problem blending it with the darker colors below and highlight above. I finished the look off with the Flower mascara, to make my give my near non-existent lashes a bit of life.


I have no idea how “good” this is, but I’m pretty proud of myself considering it’s the first time I’ve ever attempted a smokey eye.

Finally, I wanted a bold lip. This is a date night look, after all. I did have Flower’s lip butter on hand, but it wasn’t pigmented enough for the look I wanted. So I used Ruby Kisses matte lipstick, topped by an iridescent lip gloss.

I’ll admit that it took a minute to get used to my own reflection. I never do all this, remember? But I really love the bold final look, and I’m hopeful the hubby will feel the same.



Now I just have to wash and style my hair. Don’t judge me.

Do you have any tips for a makeup newbie? Feel free to drop them in the comments below!


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