Set Up a ‘Comfort Corner’ for your Guests


Anyone who knows me knows that I highly value my personal space. My home is my sanctuary, and I’m not a fan of anything interfering with that. Not even having company. That’s not to say I don’t enjoy having folks stay with me once they’re here. I inevitably have fun once we all get together and start talking and laughing. But the preparation is where I struggle. I overthink things, and wonder if everyone will be comfortable, and how long it will take before I have to go hide in a closet for some alone time. Still, my overthinking generally leads me to consider things I normally may not have. When Walmart challenged me to share how I get ready for guests in the fall, I wanted to share an extra comfort corner I decided to create for our guests.

Here’s the thing: We technically do have an “extra” bedroom. But by extra, we means that it’s my stepsons’ room. Since they don’t live with us for most of the year, the room is usually empty, but for their bunk bed and dresser. A bunk bed works for them, but let’s just say it’s not the best situation for adult guests who prefer not to hit their heads every time they sit up or fall whenever they roll on a twin bed. So we usually set up a queen airbed in the room to solve those problems. Of course, the airbed isn’t perfect. Sit on the edge of one and you’ll learn that in a hurry. The edges and corners usually sink under weight, even when the bed is at peak air pressure. We could add a mattress cover from to help the softness, but still…I decided to set up a cozy chair in a corner for those moments when climbing onto the bed isn’t my guests’ first choice.


We have a great black chair that we found at a consignment store years ago that was the perfect starter piece. But the chair alone was just the start. I headed to Walmart and picked up this cozy Better Homes & Gardens throw blanket in a fun colorful print.

Being cold in someone else’s house always sucks, because you never want to impose by having to ask them to turn the heat up. So this is an easy way to avoid that issue.


Next, I added a small side table with a fragrant soy candle by Burt’s Bees (yay for soy wax!), and a lamp to make reading easy and convenient.


I hope our guests will appreciate this small gesture to help them feel at home away from home. The only thing missing is a good book and a hot cup of tea. We can provide both of those too 🙂


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