Kid Style: Comfy Turkey Day Outfit

Let’s be honest: The reason most of us look forward to Thanksgiving is easy. We love the food. Trust that Thanksgiving is the only time of year when I’m guaranteed to cook enough food to last our little family of four (sometimes more) days on end. For many folks, it is also a time to get together with family and friends, but since our family tradition has always been to cook at home, the biggest draw for us is the food. Therefore, we usually don’t have much reason to dress up. Our clothing choices are typically focused on comfort, and little else. Still, when Walmart challenged me to share a Thanksgiving outfit, I thought at least one of us could look good for the holiday. My daughter won the coin toss 🙂


Still, her choices were based on comfort, because how can you enjoy turkey (cornish hens, in her case, since she won’t touch turkey) and peas & rice and macaroni & cheese and plantain and homemade cranberry sauce and rolls and corn on the cob while wearing clothes that won’t stretch, right? Plus, for the first time, I took the kids with me for a little Thanksgiving Day shopping, so her outfit had to work for that too.

She choose this awesome Faded Glory plaid button-down flannel top, one of which she’s been wanting for months, for just $7.94. We debated pairing it with jeans, but really? Jeans? On Thanksgiving? Nah. So we found these soft Faded Glory pants with a tuxedo stripe on the side of the legs — because tuxedo stripes make everything better, amirite?


As is, those two pieces were awesome for chilling around the house all day, waiting for, then eating, amazing food. But when we got ready to leave the house, she added the finishing touch — this amazingly soft, chunky, sweater knit infinity scarf for just $7.97. She’s probably going to find this scarf in my closet really soon if she’s not careful. Because I love it.

We had fun experimenting with different ways she could wear it. Here are a couple of our favorite, on-the-fly looks:







Knotted (aka My Favorite)


These pants, and the top and scarf with it, made for the perfect Turkey Day attire, and my daughter officially has a new favorite shirt.


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