Kid Style: Fall Dress-Up

Logically, I know that we’re in fall. My daughter is back in school, and we’re almost in October. Still, I wasn’t quite prepared for what that meant when I strolled outside barefoot in a pair of shorts and a t-shirt a few mornings ago to put out the recycling. Because we’re in Georgia, right? And it’s still warm in late September, right? Well, technically yes. It’s still warm in the afternoon. But since I rarely leave home in the morning, I really didn’t realize just how chilly they have become.

When Walmart challenged me to find some great fall baby wear for Juliza, I knew I had to get her something warm and cozy to arm her against the newly cool mornings and evenings. And what did I find?

Only the cutest coat ever!



Seriously, how fabulous is this? This Healthtex peaccoat is made of fleece, but it looks much more luxurious, and I have no doubt she’ll be toasty in it. Plus? It cost less than $15!



I did size up quite a bit, because I knew the 24 months size would only fit her for a few weeks. But I still had to skip a size and go up to 4T, because the arm holes were a little small on the 3T, and the didn’t button as loosely as I would’ve liked. The 4T gives her room to move without feeling like she’s going to suffocate.



For under the coat, I picked up a great Healthtex tunic and leggings set for $7.47.




I chose black leggings so the outfit would work the coat (and her cute boots from last winter that still miraculously fit). But really, the leggings could’ve been red, or pink, or just about any solid color and it would still work.




I am genuinely itching for a morning out so she can wear this. My swoon level is off the charts right now!


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