Get 3-Day Shipping with Walmart’s New Shipping Pass

It may not be completely obvious from my blog, but I am a bit of a hermit. As a person who works from home, it is not unusually for me to go days at a time without leaving the house. Kind of sad, but true. The fact that I can shop online a lot of the time, even from my phone, has made it so that I can just about anything I need without leaving the house. Except, of course, for those pesky shipping costs. Not wanting to pay for shipping, on top of sales tax, is one of the things that will make me leave the house.

So Walmart’s new Shipping Pass? Yeah. I’m going to be using it a lot. Shipping Pass is a new service from that offers 3-day shipping on more than 1 million products for just $50 a year. The best part is that even the products for which Shipping Pass is not available, your membership will still get you free standard shipping.


Say what?!

This makes me really happy, because there are often items available at that are not always available at my local store, and there are items I buy all the time that I’d love to be able to just order from home. So this works for me.

Walmart asked me to try out the service, and it was super simple to sign up and link it to my existing account and shipping address. Once signed up, I simply searched for the items I wanted and looked for the Shipping Pass icon. I checked out as I usually would, except — I didn’t have to pay for shipping! Nor will I have to pay for it for any order I place during the next year. Which means that I see more orders and fewer trips to the store in my future. I think the convenience of free 3-day shipping is more than worth the $50 price tag.


Anyway, two days after I ordered, I received 2 of the 3 items I bought, with the third expected to arrive any day now, as it wasn’t an official Shipping Pass item. Works for me!

So, you might be wondering how you sign up for this magical, wonderful Shipping Pass. For now, you’ll have to get on the waiting list. You’ll be able to fully subscribe soon!


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