Outfit: Day to Night with Walmart

Over the past year or so, I admit that fashion has not been as high on my list of priorities as I’d like. But having a hurricane of a toddler to chase will change your priorities in a hurry. I haven’t done much shopping, but anything that I do buy needs to serve multiple functions, and work with multiple outfits. So when Mom Blog challenged me to start the back to school season with a Day to Night outfit for busy moms, I thought it would be a great chance to put my skills to the test.



Outfit 1: Faded Glory open cardigan, $14.96 | Faded Glory maxi dress, $9 | Faded Glory belt set, $8

I started with a base item: A black maxi dress. It works for summer because it’s light and breezy, but it can easily become a fall piece with the right layering. And while it is casual, it can easily be dressed up with a couple of key pieces. I added an open cardigan in a great print, and chose to belt it at the waist. I keep telling myself that open cardigans are meant to stay open, but I just personally prefer something to define my waist.

The cardigan is soft and really warm — much moreso than I expected. When the weather turns cooler, it will be great for dressing up jeans and boots, but for now, it serves as a great way to take this maxi dress up a notch. This is a great look for those days when I have to head to my daughter’s school for a meeting or sit to watch her at gymnastics team practice.


And of course, and outfit shoot wouldn’t be an outfit shoot without a photobomb from Juliza. SMH. The child is a force to be reckoned with at all times.



Outfit 2: Faded Glory maxi dress, $9 | Nine West heels | BCBG clutch | Statement necklace, bracelets and rings (gifted)

Of course, the challenge here was to create a look for day and night. In this case, all I had to do was strip back down to the dress, and re-accessorize. Instead of comfy flats, I wore my favorite strappy heels and grabbed a coordinating clutch. I added a statement necklace and layered rings and bracelets to add a little glam, and finished with one of my favorite red lipsticks.


All of a sudden, this simple black maxi dress feels like a complete outfit instead of just part of it. I’d likely add a shawl, just to cover up my shoulders (and bra straps. Whoops!), but the dress works by itself. And I think my hubby would approve of this for a date night. You know. Whenever we get one of those.

Here are the two looks side by side:


I’m partial to the nighttime look, but I’m sure the daytime look will get ample rotation when it really gets cool enough for me to need that sweater.

What about you? How do you rework pieces in your wardrobe for various occasions? Share your tips in the comments below!


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