End of Summer Bubble Party

I can’t believe that summer is already coming to a close. Seriously. Where did the days go? Working from home means that my kids are with me all day every day, so usually at this point, I’m counting the days until my daughter goes back to school. This year is different, though. I’m actually going to miss having her here. Probably because she’s an awesome big sister and helps me out a lot. Anyway, when Walmart asked me to share a cool summer story, I decided to have a mini bubble party for my little ones, who both love blowing bubbles. Yes. Even the 9-year-old.


We blow bubbles often, usually with the little wands or the long, skinny bubble containers. This time though, we wanted something a little bit fancier. We headed to Walmart and picked a couple of really cool bubble blowers. Essentially, they’re battery-operated fans that are a lot more effective at blowing bubbles than we could ever be on our own. Coupled with some snacks, we had a great time picnicking in the back yard.


The only thing missing was a cooler full of ice cold drinks. But at least we had bubbles. Lots and lots of bubbles.





The larger blower actually creates huge bubbles with smaller bubbles inside. You can pop the larger bubble and the smaller ones will float away. It’s kind of awesome.


I genuinely wish I’d made video of how happy Juliza was to play with the huge bubbles, and how happy Ja’Naya was to humor her. It may have been the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. This week 🙂

But bubbles and snacks weren’t the only things we brought to the party. To celebrate the end of summer, we’re also planning to go see the new Minions movie. In honor of that, we picked up a bit of Minions merchandise. For Ja’Naya, how could we NOT love this “Perfect is Boring” Minions t-shirt? Isn’t it amazing?


And because we couldn’t find any Minions tees for toddlers, we grabbed a pair of sunglasses, so baby Juliza could be styling too.


I can’t help but think the Minions would enjoy a bit of silly fun blowing bubbles in the back yard, so it seems fitting.


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  1. Those bubble blowers look awesome. I’ll have to pick some up for the boys for Labor Day. Love the girlie fashion and I have a bit of backyard envy. LOL

    1. Sheena, they’re really awesome! They’ve been playing with them nonstop since we got them. I have to go buy more bubble solution 🙂

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