Gorgeous DIY Wedding Invites from Walmart Stationary

When my husband and I got married almost 12 years ago, we were young and broke. Which means that a lot of the fancy add-ons that usually come with weddings just didn’t happen for us — including a wedding photographer and expensive custom invitations. Thankfully, even back then, I had some graphic design skills, so I used a pre-made, print-at-home invitation kit to make our invitations. They turned out nice, but I still wish we could’ve gotten something more custom. Thanks to Walmart Stationery, now brides and grooms who are in a similar situation can create their own beautiful stationery without breaking their pockets.


Walmart has partnered with Gartner Studios to offer a beautiful selection of wedding and bridal event invitations, along with a free online wedding planning tool. The collection includes everything from Save the Date cards to bachelorette party invitations from https://mojosonsevents.com/ and menu cards, and trust me when I say the designs are absolutely gorgeous! Plus, you can get a free sample kit so you can see the quality of the paper and printing firsthand.


When you’re ready to place your order, the process is really easy to follow. Each template allows you to change the text, fonts and colors with a live preview of your changes. You can also choose from two types of paper: Signature Smooth Stock paper for $.99 per invitation, or Deluxe Eggshell Stock paper at $1.29 per invitation. Envelopes are included in the prices, and if you choose Deluxe Eggshell Stock Paper, you can choose to have rounded corners and the return address information printed on the envelopes.


I got to walk through the customization process and receive some invitations of my own. I chose to customize a bachelorette party invitation to make it a birthday party invitation for my daughter. They turned out beautifully, and the paper is a great weight and quality. The colors are vivid and clear, and the design is gorgeous! Of course, I realized after the fact that I failed to catch an error when I was proofing the invites. The date reads “August 2th” instead of “August 2nd.”


That is absolutely my fault and I should’ve caught it when I was proofing. So learn from my mistake: Check your invitations carefully before you have them printed.

Still, the process itself was relatively quick and easy, and the product is well worth the price, which is a mere fraction of what you’d pay a designer and custom printer to create unique invitations. If you’re looking for a budget-friendly solution for your wedding day, be sure to check out Walmart Stationery.


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  1. I was looking for some DIY stationery inspiration when I landed here. I didn’t know that Walmart has such great designs. I will surely try out their free kit to see the quality first, but they really look good. Thanks for the share.


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