Better Skin with Burt’s Bees Renewal Products

One of the compliments I’ve gotten most often over the years is that I have great skin. But what those folks don’t know is that my secret is…wait for it…


That’s right. I am notoriously lazy with my skin care regimen. And I get away with being lazy because of good genes. Aside from the cursory wash while I’m in the shower, the only time I ever really deep clean my face is on the rare occasion that I wear makeup. So when Walmart offered me the opportunity to try the new Burt’s Bees Renewal skin care line, I thought it might finally be a chance to start taking care of my face.


Of course, my face is a sensitive area, so if I’m going to put something on it, it has to be from a brand I trust. Thankfully, Burt’s Bees is right up there on the short list of widely available brands that I can buy without worrying about what’s in it.

The idea behind the renewal line that is our skin renews itself every 28 days, so the products are designed to work with that cycle to help make skin smoother and firmer, reducing the look of wrinkles. After 28 days of use, you should see the difference.


I tried the Refining Facial Cleanser and Firming Day Lotion, the latter of which is rated SPF 30. I haven’t quite hit 28 days of use yet, but I want you to see how my skin is looking after two weeks of use:

Before Use


Holy closeup, Batman! I hate this photo, but I wanted to get in really close so you could see how dry my skin looked.

7 Days of Use


I took this photo immediately after applying the moisturizer. You can see how much better moisturized my skin looks already.

14 Days of Use


I took this photo about an hour after applying the moisturizer in the morning. My skin looks and feels a lot fresher and brighter than on day 1. I think it looks pretty good!

The refining cleanser ($9.76), is an exfoliator with a bit of a gritty texture to remove dirt and oil and smooth the skin, and I actually really like it! This is saying a lot for a person who has never really stuck with any type of facial cleanser for very long. You apply it to a wet face and rub it with your fingers. I like to start in my t-zone and work around my eyes, cheeks and forehead. It rinses really easily and left my skin feeling genuinely refreshed — likely because of the exfoliating.

My face is prone to dryness, so the Firming Day Lotion ($18.76) has been a great way to restore moisture after cleaning. A little bit really goes a long way, and it applies smoothly and easily. I have to rub it in well to make sure I don’t have any white residue, but after application, my skin looks firmer and “brighter”, and more importantly, it feels a lot firmer and brighter.

The Renewal line just may have convinced me to keep up with a daily regimen, because I really do like the way my skin feels now compared to day 1. I’m definitely going to finish out the 28 days, but I’ll likely keep using it even after that.

Want to join the fun? You can pick up the Burt’s Bees Renewal line at your local Walmart, after you download a $1 coupon from the coupon gallery. Once you try it, share your results on your social profiles using #28DayFaceCleanse .


You can also sign up at and be entered for a chance to win a trip for 2 to celebrity nutritionist Kimberly Snyder’s transformation retreat, along with other prizes. The first 5,000 entrants will get a free sample of the Renewal Serum.


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