Shea Moisture Baby Products are Our Faves

Remember how I recently said that I tend to be very brand loyal when it comes to the products I support? Well, if there’s one brand that could be a case study for that, it would be Shea Moisture.


For years, they have been my family’s go-to products for our hair and skin, because we can trust them to be made with safe natural ingredients, and they’ve gotten a little more affordable and easier to find over the years. The fact that you can now buy them at Walmart is indicative of that. So when Walmart asked me to try Shea Moisture’s baby products, there’s no way I could say no to that. Especially since we’ve been using them since baby Juliza was born.

In fact, we actually put them on our registry before she was born.

We honestly love Shea Moisture products of all kinds, so we trusted that the baby products would perform just as well. And they have. Check out this video review of their Raw Shea, Chamomile and Argan Oil baby wash and lotion:

Juliza is prone to dryness, so it was important to use soap that wouldn’t dry out her skin, and lotion that would help seal the moisture in. The soap has been great at getting her clean without sucking all the moisture out, and the lotion is as thick and luscious as we expected based on past experience with their other lotions.


In fact, my only gripe is that the lotion is so thick that it can sometimes be difficult to get it out of the bottle, even with the attached pump. When a bottle is almost finished, that means it’s really difficult to get to the lotion at the bottom without diluting it a bit with something like coconut or olive oil.

Other than that, we have no complaints. Shea Moisture baby products ring in at less than $10 apiece at Walmart, and we can make them last a couple of months for Juliza. They’re the products I put on my shopping list when we run out, and they’ll always be the first brand I turn to when I want to buy something I know is safe.

What about you? Have you ever tried Shea Moisture Baby products?


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