Shopping for Baby, Part 2

A few weeks ago, I shared that I was trying to break out of my habit of buying the same products over and over again by trying a few new baby products, courtesy of Walmart. There is beauty in being able to go to one store and get pretty much everything I need for baby Juliza, but I never know if I’m missing out on something just because I’d never thought to try it.


Like these three:

Pull-Ups Learning Designs


I didn’t think Juliza was quite ready for potty training, but it can’t hurt to start early, right? Pull-Ups were an invaluable tool in my husband’s and my arsenal when we were potty training our oldest daughter, but we hadn’t really thought about using them for Juliza yet. We got the Pull-Ups Learning Designs training pants in size 2T-3T, and they’re still a bit big on her. Which means that though they didn’t leak when she was wet, they did when she pooped. I’m sure this won’t be the case once she grows into them. Juliza was really captivated by the idea of pulling up her own diaper. She’s not quite effective at it yet, but it’s easy to see that she’s going to enjoy being able to take matters into her own hands — literally. These are going in the closet until she’s a little older, but I imagine they’ll be invaluable yet again.

Johnson & Johnson Baby Bedtime Wash and Lotion


Though I hadn’t used their products in years, when I think of baby products, Johnson & Johnson is still one of the first brands that come to mind. I usually don’t personally buy them because I’m not a big fan of the ingredients list, but I know a lot of parents do. And I tried their baby bedtime lotion and wash a few times just so I could give an accurate review. The good? They work. They work well. The soap and lotion both smell ah-mazing, the lavender fragrance really does help calm baby at bedtime and they are really moisturizing. Still, in the future, I’ll stick with products with fewer, more natural ingredients.

Gerber Graduates Grabbers Pouches


Juliza is at the stage when she really likes to feed herself. As in she’ll throw a tantrum if we try to feed her instead of giving her spoon. This is fun for her, but tends to be messy for me. For those days when I’m not in the mood for a mess, these Gerber Graduates Grabbers pouches are great. They are available in fun flavor combinations like Banana Blueberry and Apple, Pear & Peach, and while messes are possible, Juliza already has gotten the hang of squeezing the pouch into her mouth, and so everywhere else. I’m still leery of pouches with contents that I can’t see, so I’ll always, always check the expiration date. Still, she really likes these, so I’ll let her have her fun sometimes.

I’m really thankful for this little product testing experiment. I learned some things. For example, Huggies diapers really are great and worth the money. And they’ve spoiled me for using any other kind. Aveeno has a pretty safe ingredients list and it’s an effective moisturizer. And Juliza will likely be ready to potty train sooner than we thought. So going out of my shopping comfort zone has its perks. I may have to try this again for other types of products too.


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