Review: LUVS New Super Absorbent Diapers

My little lady is a soaker — meaning she soaks right through her diapers entirely too often. This is, in large part, why we don’t use cloth diapers. I just don’t have time to change her clothes several times a day. However, it still sometimes happens with disposables. So when Walmart asked me to try their exclusive new LUVS Super Absorbent diapers, I was hoping we could get rid of the problem once and for all.


Here’s what we thought (plus, cute video of baby Juliza in a diaper = swoon!):

Since we started using the new LUVS, she hasn’t had nearly as many soak-through days, which means I haven’t had to change her clothes as much either. Plus, I really like the way they fit around her stomach and legs. The waistband has great stretch, and the pull tabs re-attach if necessary. This last part is especially important now that she’s learned how to take her diaper off O__o


Another reason we may just start using LUVS all the time: We can now join the LUVS Club, which is a special program that gives us access to special discounts, diaper giveaways and more.


Plus when you sign up and share the LUVS club with your friends, you will get access to a special coupon that’s only available to members. Head over to the Walmart website to sign up and get your coupon.

And tell me: Is your baby a soaker too?


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