Glam, Metallic Duck Tape Christmas Stocking

When I was growing up, we never really observed the Christmas stocking tradition. Now that I’m grown with my own family, it’s one of my favorite parts of the holidays. I love sneaking small, meaningful gifts into my hubby’s and kid’s stockings, and our family tradition means that we “open” the stockings on Christmas Eve.

So when Walmart challenged me to share a holiday craft project using Duck tape, I decided to try a take on this favorite tradition and create a stocking.

Glam Metallic Duck Tape Christmas Stocking


You’ll Need:


It’s easy enough to make a stocking shape from Duck tape, but I wanted a usable stocking — not just a pretty shape.  My solution? Line the stocking with fabric.If you have an existing Christmas stocking, you can use it to create a template for this project. Cut a large piece of brown paper or other scrap paper. The back of a roll of wrapping paper would work as well.

Fold the paper in half horizontally. Lay the straight edge of your stocking along the folded edge of the paper. Trace the stocking shape onto the paper and cut it out.



Unfold the stocking shape, and lay it on top of your lining fabric. Cut a rectangle that’s about 2″ larger than your template on all sides.


Now, you’ll need to cover the fabric with strips of tape. I started from the bottom with two strips of silver tape. The tape will stick to the fabric, but not as well as it sticks to other pieces of tape. Slightly overlap the second piece of tape on the first for a nice seal.


Alternate between gold and silver tape every two strips all the way up until the fabric is completely covered.


Lay your brown paper template on top of your tape-covered fabric. This is where painter’s tape could come in handy, if you choose to use it. I put a piece in each corner to hold the template straight.


Cut out the tape & fabric in the shape of your template.


It’s starting to take shape now! Fold the stocking shape in half at the seam. The challenge here is closing the open edge. If we’d used a single color tape, you could just cut a few long, vertical strips and overlap it from front to back. However, we want to keep the silver and gold stripes consistent.


Cut pieces of Duck tape 4-6″ long, depending on the placement. You’ll match up the pieces of silver tape with silver, and the pieces of gold tape with the gold stripes. However, the bottom was a bit of a challenge, so I started there first. I cut a piece of tape a little wider than the stocking. I laid it on top of the bottom silver stripe and folded the excess over the edges, sticking them in the back. Because there’s a curve, you may have to fold and manipulate the tape to get a clean edge.


The rest of the edges will be easier. You’ll use the small pieces of tape, overlap them on the edges, and fold and stick them to the other side. Try to make the tape line up as well as possible and try to make the edges nice and clean.


When your stocking is finally closed, you can move on to how you’ll hang it. Cut a small slit about 1.5-2″ inches from the top of the stocking on the fold.


Cut two 10″ pieces of tape in whatever color winds up at the top of your stocking. Fold the first piece in about .25″ sections, and keep folding it on itself. Place the folded tape on top of the second, and fold them into each other. You’ll wind up with a “strap” made of tape.


Push the strap through the slit in the stocking, and bring the ends together. Wrap a final 4″ piece of tape around the overlapped ends of the strap.


You can stop there if you’d like, because the striped stocking looks pretty awesome as is. However, I decided to add a bow for embellishment.

How to Make a Duck Tape Bow

Making bows from Duck tape is pretty simple, and I enlisted my daughter’s help, since she loves making Duck Tape bows. I wanted a large bow to make a statement at the top, so she started with a 24″ piece of tape.


Fold it in half so the sticky sides touch, leaving about 1/4″ of sticky side showing at one end.


Roll the tape into a circle, using the small exposed sticky strip to attach one end to the other.


Fold the tape flat, and pinch the center together from top to bottom.


Cut a 4-5″ piece of tape, and cut it in half lengthwise.


Use one of those pieces to wrap around the center of the bow where you pinched.


Now that the bow is done, you have to attach it to the stocking. Create two rolls of tape, and put them on either side of the back of the bow.


Lay the bow diagonally on the top left corner of the stocking (near the strap) and press securely to attach.


You’re done!



I’m so, so happy with the way this turned out! I just need to finish making one for each person in the family. Because the first one is mine!

What DIY projects are you tackling for the holidays? Do any of them involve Duck tape?

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