Halloween DIY: Frankenstein Front Door & Pumpkin

Unlike the past few years, it appears that this year, my babies really will wear store-bought costumes. They’re cute, of course, but I still had the desire to make something for Halloween. Not quite as elaborate as two costumes, but something nonetheless. So when Walmart challenged me to make DIY Halloween decorations, I couldn’t wait to dive right in.

My inspiration actually came from our front door, which is green. I’ve never been a particular fan of this shade of green, but I thought I’d work with it and turn the door into one of the world’s favorite monsters: Frankenstein. Or more accurately, Frankenstein’s monster.

Tutorial: Frankenstein Front Door


You’ll Need:


  • Black vinyl tablecloth (just $1 at Walmart) or large black trash bag
  • Scissors
  • Painter’s tape
  • 3 paper plates
  • Black electrical tape

Start by draping the tablecloth or trash bag over the top of your door. It was pretty cold outside when I was doing this, so I started the process from inside the house. You’ll want to have some at least 1 foot of vinyl hanging over the top of the door and a few inches on one side, which is how you’ll secure it.


The top 1/3 of the door will become Frankenstein’s hair, so trim the excess around the edges and from the bottom. Next, cut a zig-zag pattern for the bottom of the hair.


Next, we’ll make the eyes. Lay three paper plates on top of one another and cut off the top 1/3 of each. Take one plate, and trim the edge off it, leaving you with a wedge shape from the middle. This will be the template for the eye pupils.


Lay the pupil template on top of your excess black vinyl and cut two wedges. Lay those wedges on top of the other two plates and glue the vinyl pupils to the center. You could also just use a couple pieces of painter’s tape to attach them, if you’d prefer.

halloween-frankenstein-door6\ halloween-frankenstein-door7

Finally, fold 4 large pieces of painter’s tape and attach to the back of the plate. This is how you’ll attach the eyes to the door, ensuring that you can remove them pretty easily when the time comes.


Now, you’re ready to attach the hair. Lay the top of the hair piece over the door with your 1′ of excess vinyl hanging over to the inside. Fold this and the excess from the side, and secure it from the inside with painter’s tape.


You can also use some loops of painter’s tape to secure each point at the bottom of the hair to the door, so it won’t flap away. Stick the eyes to the door. I used the panels of our door as a reference for where to place the eyes. I placed them in the space between the top and bottom panels.


Finally, you’ll need to use electrical tape to make stitches and a mouth.


This came out so awesome that I can’t wait for Halloween! We’ll remove the eyes if it rains, but the vinyl and electrical tape should hold up to the weather.

With big Frank guarding the door, we also wanted to make him a little friend.

Tutorial: Painted Frankenstein Pumpkin


You’ll Need:


  • Pumpkin (we chose a foam craft version)
  • Green, black and white craft paint
  • Paintbrushes
  • Large screws

Though I absolutely love the result when I do the work, I’ve never been a fan of gutting or carving pumpkins. This project is definitely easier and less messy. Start by painting your whole pumpkin green.


Once the green paint dries, paint the top third of your pumpkin black, with a zig-zag bottom. This will be Frankie’s hair.


Paint white half-circles for the background of the eyes, and paint stitches and a line mouth. You can use the same shapes from the door design or you can improvise.


Finally, once the white eye half-circles dry, paint black pupils in the middle.

The last step is what really makes this project cool.



Twist your large screws into the sides of the pumpkin. The final effect gives little Frankie “bolts”, and it’s awesome.


Now, our front door is protected by big Frank and little Frankie. I think our trick-or-treaters will approve.


So what about you? Are you decorating the house for Halloween? This would make a great entrance for a Halloween party. I’d love to see your projects if you’re planning any! For now, check out what the other Walmart Moms are doing for this spookiest of holidays:

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